Decorating a house shouldn’t have to do with expensive items. Decoupage is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home decor that is affordable for anyone. In this way, you don’t have to be a DIY expert, even beginners can create decoupage crafts easily in minutes depending on what they want to make. In this section, we have collected some ideas of decoupage crafts as follows. Check them out further to get more inspiration.

Decoupaging Green Leaves

Decoupaging green leaves


Update your lampshade by decoupaging green leaves. Look at the picture that shows us beautiful craft. This creation works well for almost all decor styles. Whether farmhouse, rustic or even boho style will welcome this lampshade look.Pretty cool!

Asian Style Decoupage

These artistic decoupage wine bottles will improve your decoration to the next level. Put them in the living room and see how these crafts make a new change. Creating these crafts is not hard at all Just decide the patterns and attach them to the bottles you want.

Decoupage Terracotta Pot

Having eye-catching terracotta pots like the picture will improve your garden decor. Those pots are covered well with paper napkins to show spring feels. Feel free to use other patterns you want like geometrics, birds, or more.

Beautiful Decor With Eggs

whether for Easter Days or not, these eggs look so awesome. Put them on your desk and imagine that you are in a magic world. The eggs look pretty with different patterns. Ask the kids to make these beautiful eggs with you.

Wooden Hanger Decoupage

What makes these wooden hangers look so special? The decoupage of course. Take patterned tissue paper and attach it to the wooden hanger. Then, it looks more interesting than you wish. So, you don’t need to buy the new one.

DIY Chair Decoupage

A timeless chair will look more powerful with flower decoupage. This craft is not hard and affordable for anyone. The thing that you should pay attention to is that the flower pattern. The more beautiful, the better. So, you will not only get a new chair look but also improve your room decoration. Cool, right?

Decoupaged Dresser

Improving an old dresser will not be a problem anymore if you are able to decoupage. Look at this pretty dresser with flowers. First of all, you need to repaint the surface in bold color. Then, attach the flower pattern you have chosen. Then, see the result. It might take a long time but you will love your new dresser later on.


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