If you want to makeover your old table or just want to it more interesting, decoupaging is the easiest way. You might already paint your other furniture items, but decoupaging is different. You are asked to cut out the picture and paste it to the table of you. It is up to you to choose any pattern you love. Decoupaging is easy and never makes anyone upset. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a lot of money because this way is affordable for anyone.


DIY Incredible Table Decoupage

Diy incredible table decoupage


Do you love music? If there are some music sheets, it will be better to keep those to renew your old table. Apply mod podge to the table surface and add music sheets. Finish the process by coating it with decoupage medium. Easy right? This project will not take much time as well.

Beautiful Blue Table

Renew an old table isn’t a hard project. Even if you are a beginner, painting your old table is easy. Use mod podge and paste a patterned fabric on the top of it. This beautiful blue table seems so perfect for your living room and or any room you like.

Cute Decoupage Side Table

Some people love bold and bright colors. This cute decoupage side table shows an artistic feel with delightful color. If you live in a modern house, this side table might work well. It looks so interesting and chic to pair with your modern furniture items.

Elegant and Classic Side Table Makeover

You might be surprised to know that this table is decorated well with tissue paper. Yes, even it only costs five dollars to get this elegant and classic look. First of all, you need to repaint the surface in black. Let it dry for at least one day. Then, use mod podge and paste the tissue paper.

With Red Vinyl Tablecloth Decoupaged

Rather than applying tablecloths every day, it will be better for you to decoupage your dining table. In this picture, the owner uses a flower-patterned tablecloth to decoupage the table. Of course, we will need mod podge and varnish to decoupage this table. And, we love the red color that works well with turquoise paint.

Artistic Decoupage Table

Well, you are free to apply other faces to your table. Whether Lady Gaga, Madonna, or Whitney Huston. You can change the color as well. It will be awesome in red or white color as well. Make sure you show your art feeling to the decoupage table you make.


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