10 DIY Floral Arrangement that You Can Use On Your Wedding Day

Wedding day is the most special day for everyone. We all desire to have the best wedding ceremony that will run perfectly. In wedding, there are many things that you need to consider. But sometimes, the limit of your budget is become the main problem. Worry not, because there are so many ways that you can do even with a small budget. We’ve rounded up beautiful arrangement that you can craft for your wedding day. Check out these 10 DIY floral arrangement that you can use on your wedding day below.¬†And your wedding will be full of beautiful flowers that come out just exactly the way you want.

8 Easy Weekend DIY Project Ideas For Girls

What do you usually do on weekend? Surely, there are many fun things you can enjoy, for instance having fun with friends or going to beach. Still, if you just want to stay at home, you can do something to distract your boring time. For example, creating crafts that easy to make. So, you may need creative ideas in this week.

12 Easy Rope DIY Projects To Try At Home

Ropes are a great invention, and they serve people from ancient times for various purposes. the current use of the rope not only limited as a binder or burden objects, but also as part of the home decor. Ropes offer maritime, rustic, rural charm that makes us want to use them in our homes in a variety of ways. So start creating to beautify the look of your home with rope.