The holidays are over! It is time to go back to school. Have your prepared all the things needed? What about your clothes? Think of what outfits you want to wear now! If you do not have enough money to buy a new piece of shirt, upgrading the old one might become a great idea. Here, we have collected the ways to improve clothes for going to school. Check out ideas further and get more inspiration. You will look trendy after doing something with your clothes.

DIY Galaxy Hoodie

Diy galaxy hoodie


Dare to do something with your old hoodie? Here is the way. You can upgrade your old hoodie into a new look by painting. You will need some paints in different colors like blue and white. Use a sponge to apply the color and a brush to draw the stars. Follow more instructions here to do this craft. 

Lace T-Shirt Refashion

You will not need to be a DIY expert. It is just how you attach the lace to the T-shirt you have. Add more lace as you want. Prepare the tools and supplies and start crafting. Adding lace will to your shirt will give a feminine touch. Check out how to make it here. We believe you can finish it in less than an hour.

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

Do you love your old jeans? Make your jeans sparkle by adding sequin. It is not a tricky job. You will need a pair of jeans, sequin fabrics, scissors, a needle and matching thread, craft paper, and a pencil. First, trace the pocket shape to the craft paper and cut the sequin fabric. Check out more instructions here.

DIY No-Sew Floral Stripes Tee

Get a T-shirt, fabric, Heat ‘N Bond, scissors, and an iron. First, cut the fabric in any shape you like. Cover it with Heat ‘N Bond according to the package directions. Iron it to the shirt with medium heat. Then, you will get a new T-shirt with your personal touch.

DIY Pearl Jeans

Buying a new pair of jeans with pearls on the knee will cost you hundreds of dollars. With your ability in crafting, you can get it free. You will only need to attach some pearls to the knees of your jeans. Then, you will get a new pair of jeans for going to school.

DIY Cool Jeans

Cool, right? Anyone wishes to have a pair of jeans that look different. You will need acrylic paints, tape, and a newspaper. Check out the directions on how to make DIY geometric jeans here


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