Do you want to make a hat for your kid? Wearing costumes is not only for Halloween. Kids wear them to play with their friends too. They can act as monsters, kings, or knights. There is one item that can directly make them different. That is a hat. When they wear a crown, they appear like kings. Even they don’t wear the complete costume. We have collected DIY hat ideas for kids that are easy to make and affordable. Check them out and get inspired!

DIY Bunny Hat

Diy bunny hat


Anyone loves bunnies. They are cute and sweet. The soft fur and pretty face make bunnies look so adorable. Do your kids love a bunny? You can make a bunny hat for her. What you need are scissors, pink markers, and paper plates. Then, show your creativity in making a bunny hat on your version.

DIY Octopus Hat

Do you like octopuses? Okay, whether you like it or not, the octopus looks so cute sometimes. Figure it out to make a new DIY octopus hat for your little girl or boy. It will need bubble wrap, paper, glue, googly eyes, and paint. Wearing this hat at a costume party will make your kid look so pretty. Follow the instructions from here to know more about how to make it.

DIY Cow Boy Hat

You will need scissors, paper, and glue. Feel free to design a cowboy hat in your version. This project is super easy and cheap. A newbie can finish it in minutes. Check the tutorials in Tinybeans. Ask your kids to make it with you. They will enjoy the process and love the result.

DIY Medieval Crown Hat

Do your kids want to be a king or a queen? You can give a DIY medieval crown hat. Making this hat is not tricky. You will need construction paper, crepe paper, glue, and blinks. First, draw the pattern and cut. Attach each component using glue. The last, add blinks as much as you like.

DIY Dinosaur Hat

Kids love dinosaurs. They watch them in Jurassic Park. It is time to be one of the legend dinosaurs by wearing a DIY paper dinosaur hat. Making this hat will need a big green paper. Check out how to make the pattern and cut it out here. Measure the size of how big your kid is. So, the hat is neither too big nor too small. It is a great hat, isn’t it?


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