When the weather outside starts to cool down, we want to stay indoors, huh? Should we postpone our workout schedules? It will cost much to buy workout equipment. However, we need to stay healthy. Furthermore, the one who builds his body should keep exercising no matter the season. What about making workout equipment from something in your home? Check out our list below! We have gathered DIY workout equipment ideas that you can make easily. So, you don’t need to go outside to practice exercises.

Riding Bike Indoor

Riding bike indoor


If you don’t want to go outside in winter, ride your bike home. Make the base using some wooden planks. Then, attach your bike to it. Enjoy your workout time by seeing the beauty of snow through the window. Check out here how to make it.

Exercise Bike That Runs Your TV

Well. You can ride your bike while watching TV programs you like every day. No need to worry about the weather outside. This exercise equipment only needs a bike and a wood base. Instructables will show you how to make it. You should at least have woodworking skills to make this DIY workout equipment. Check out!

Homemade Dip Station

Look at this homemade dip station! Anyone can make it in several minutes. You will need some 30 feet of pipes. Divide them into some pieces in measure 6X6 inches. Get eight elbow pipes to attach the pieces. Let us see how to make this dip station from Rosstraining

DIY Free Standing Pull-Up Bar

Make your body healthier by hanging in this free-standing pull-up bar. Doing exercises at home will not be a hard thing to do. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You will need 90-degree elbows. You can buy them at a store. Then, you have to prepare 30-to-60-degree single socket tees. The last, get some three socket tees. Check out more about how to make this free-standing pull here

DIY Kettlebells for Under 10

Let us see how strong you are! This Kettlebell will make your arm stronger day by day. You will need a bag of quikrete pre-mixed concrete mix, a cheap rubber ball, PVC, a small amount of sand, duct tape, and water. We also need the tools like a hacksaw or jig saw, a heat gun, a bucket, a small garden spade, and a pair of scissors. Follow the instruction from Instructables if you want to make it soon.


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