Congratulations! You did well. So, have you prepared your costume for a cute photo on your graduation day? Think more about your graduation cap. You can do more with it. Doing the DIY cap is really possible where you can design it with your personal touches. Make you look more special on your important day. It will be nice to see you among other students with different caps. Your family can directly notice you from far. Let us see more inspirations about DIY graduation cap designs below. You can copy one of them or make your version.

DIY Floral Graduation Cap with Script Letters

Diy floral graduation cap with script letters


Rather than a blank dark graduation cap, better for us to redesign it with a new look. Are you all about flowers? We recommend you make a graduation cap with printed flowers, pretty lettering, and great quotations. They will remind you how hard you study to pass the exams.

DIY Faux Flower Graduation Cap

Daisy flowers are pretty for any decoration. In this section, we use those flowers to make the graduation cap looks more attractive. Attach those faux daisy flowers on top of it. Customize the design you like. Add as many flowers as you want. Let your cap be more admiring in one of your best moments.

DIY Foam Letter Graduation Cap

Foam letter spelling out a sweet sentiment on your cap. Say thanks to mom and dad. They are proud of you on your graduation day. Choose colorful letters to look more attractive. Attach the foam letters using glue. This craft is super easy. Your graduation day will be more heart-touching.

DIY Paper Flower Graduation Tassel

What a pretty graduation cap in the picture above! Don’t you want to make it? The tassels are made of paper flowers. Make your version by changing the colors you like. You will look more adorable with your graduation cap.

DIY Graduation Cap with Bold Letters

The simpler, the more attractive your graduation cap will be. Look at the letter “Now, What?” at the top of the cap that dramatically shows your emotion. Make more caps in this way and give them to your friends. Share your happiness with others.

Graduation Cap With Adorable Topper

Here is an elegant graduation cap topper for you. It shows pretty flowers, admiring lettering, and a luxurious sign with golden paint. Say thanks to your parents and be proud of yourself. You have done great things.


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