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DIY Beach Cover-Up Projects That You Can Make Soon

Summer days will come with lots of fun. Do you want to go to a beach? It is a good decision. You can swim, sunbathe, and do anything you love at the beach you like. So, have you prepared all the things needed? What about the clothes? Oh, you need a beach cover-up to keep you stylish on the street and feel comfy to the sea. You can make your own DIY fashion this summer. Whether swimming or just walking along the beach, enjoy this DIY beach cover-up project further below!

Homemade Kaftan Pattern

Homemade kaftan pattern


Wearing a kaftan pattern might make you look so sexy. You can use scarves, fabric, or a blouse. Change the measurement if you wish it wider or longer. Then, you will be more stylish.

DIY Shirred Cover-Up

It seems like a mini dress, but it is truly a sexy cover-up. Wearing this for going to a beach you love is nice. You can wear it for walking along the beach or sitting and enjoying the sun. Enjoy the sea and wait for the sunset comes. It will be so wonderful.

DIY Colorblock Style Cover-Up

Wearing this color block cover-up will make you look stylish. Customize it with a cropped top and shorts or other designs you like. This simple style will make you enjoy the sea, swim, sunbathe, and more. You will need at least basic sewing skills to make this cover-up.

DIY Beach Kaftan

You will need a kaftan or slip dress to make this stylish cover-up. Combine the slip dress with lace. You can use a table cloth and doilies. Customize the style you like. We hope you can operate a sewing machine. Or, you will sew it by hand that will be finished in several minutes.

DIY Scarf Beach Cover Up

It will open up more crafty possibilities and styles. For making this DIY scarf beach, you will need two scarves. Attach those scarves together using pins. Go more cheerful with colorful scarves with patterns. Then, enjoy the sea with your new DIY beach cover-up. You can make more for your friends as well.

DIY Macramé Top

What a cool craft! Cut a cotton shirt using scissors into lines. Then, tie them up to create a macramé look. This DIY top will remind us about the bohemian feel. It shows beach vibes anywhere we go. Making this craft is super easy and cheap. So, why don’t you try soon?


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