It is time to go back to school. Have you bought a new bag? What about a backpack? Some students love them because they can carry more goods. They should bring books, a pencil case, a wallet, or other school supplies. However, you do not have to buy the new one. If your last-year backpack is still good, renewing it with your personal touches will be much better. Take a look at the list below. We have collected cool ways to style backpacks to look more fabulous. Check them out further!

DIY Boho Style Backpack

DIY Boho Style Backpack


A pink backpack will be more eye-catching with pom poms. Customize the colors and sizes you like. First, you make the pom poms garland from colorful yarn. Second, attach it to the bag with a simple sewing technique. Now your backpack looks brand new.

DIY Colorful Spray Painted Backpack

You can play with spray paints to improve your backpack. It is the easiest way ever that anyone can do it. You do not have to buy a new bag at all. Your old one will look gorgeous just in minutes. Feel free to style your bag with your creation.

DIY Cute Backpack

Add more patches to your backpack. You can buy various patches at a craft store. Attach the patch you like to the bag using hot glue. If you wish for more durable patches, using thread and needles will be much better. It is not a tricky project that a newbie can finish in less than a day.

DIY Constellation Backpack

It is a neutral backpack that a boy or girl can use it. Making the constellation is easy. Take a white pen. Then, make some dots to make the stars. Feel free to add the comets or meteors. We believe that it is a creation that everyone will adore.

DIY Backpack Makeover with Dazzling Glitter Paint

Isn’t it so pretty? This backpack works well for a girl. It has a pastel color with glitter. It makes anyone adore it so much. What are you waiting for? You can upgrade your backpack with glitter paint too.


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