One of the easiest ways to hack a fashion style is by applying patches. Well, it might come from the 1980s era. Hence, we can adopt it right now and make it up again. We can add patches for a dress, jacket, shorts, trousers, or other pieces. Support our favorite actors, people, bands, or other things in this way. You could buy a jacket with patches but making your special one will be nice. Check out our ideas below and get more inspiration to hack your clothes!

DIY Embroidered Gemstone Patches

Diy embroidered gemstone patches


You have to be familiar with the techniques of embroidering. We show ideas for making gemstone patches for your clothes. Gemstones are versatile. They work well for all styles and look great for both men and women. So, you can wear your clothes with gemstone patches all year.

Cool DIY patch dress

Do you have more patches collection in your drawer? What about using them to hack your old denim dress. It will be nice to wear it again with the patches you choose. Or, you can sell it online and grab some dollars. What do you think? Isn’t it a great idea?

DIY Embroidered Patches

A classic embroidered patch might be what you need right now. Perhaps, you have familiar with the way of using a hoop. Then, you can make patch patterns. Attach them to your casual dress, shirt, or jeans. You will look more eye-catching with these crafts, we are sure.

DIY Felt And Embroidery Camp Style Patches

DIY felt embroidery patches are perfect for your shirt. Adding those items will make you look stylish. Customize the design you like. Making them for your little ones is nice. Why don’t you try soon after seeing the instructions here? The steps are not too hard for a beginner.

DIY Printable Patches

Since you don’t have any embroidery experience, using printable patches is the best way. Search them from the internet and print them on the fabric. It is easier than stamping or sewing. A DIY newbie can finish it in minutes. Attach those patches by hand-sewing or sewing machine.

DIY Hand Embroidered Medal Patches

You will need felt, wool yarn, a needle, and scissors. Design the medal pattern on the felt. Then, you can sew it easily. Write any quotations you like on it. Make more patches and sell them online to get more money.




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