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Super Easy DIY Hanging Scratching Pad For Your Lovely Cat

Are you a cat lover? It will be so fun to give your cat a hanging scratching pad. Your cat needs to scratch for various reasons. Nevertheless, it is hard to find space to scratch due to the lack of trees. Then, creating a hanging scratch will help it to fill its needs.

5 DIY Decoration That Will Add More Value To Your Room And Make It Look More Elegant

There are a lot and lots of DIY home décor projects that you can follow out there. But, how much that actually so easy and can make your room look more elegant and awesome? Today, this article will give you some ideas about a DIY project that is easy and will help you to add more value to your rooms. Scroll down and take a look at 5 DIY Decoration That Will Add More Value To Your Room And Make It Look More Elegant.

DIY Backpacks Ideas For Your Kids’ Back-To-School Season

Maybe now your kids are ready to go back to school? Here are the ideas of the backpack that are great to accompany your kids to study. Besides, the ideas below can be also adapted to be your backpack. Without further ado, check all the information on DIY Backpacks Ideas For Your Kids’ Back-To-School Season.

DIY Macrame Hanging Planters That Will Upgrade Your Home Decoration Instantly

Do you love plants? If you only have a small space in your home but wish to see beautiful plants as well, try hanging planters. However, hanging planters are most common and come in a simple shape with a pot and rope. You need to add accents, try new patterns, and install something unique to upgrade your little garden look.

Awesome Rustic Centerpiece With Tea Light That Made Of A Wooden Log

There are various ways to decorate your home. If you love a rustic touch, you will play well with the woods. In this article, we are going to see a rustic centerpiece with tea light. Surprisingly, it is made of a wooden log. The result is so stunning. It brings us back to nature.

Unique Floor Lamp That Made Of Unused Snacks Tins

Instead of buying a new floor lamp that might cost much, it will be better for us to create it from unused things. Do you know that we can create a floor lamp from unused snacks tins? Yes, it is possible. If you don’t have any plans this week, just try it by hand.