Want to try something different to beautify your finger with your DIY ring? Here are the captivating ideas for you on DIY Captivating Ring Ideas To Add More Gorgeous Collection.

Faux Agate Rings

Faux agate rings DIY Captivating Ring Ideas To Add More Gorgeous Collection


These incredible statements rings are made using agate. Besides, they are also created using enamel on top of clay that has been gold-leafed. These rings will make your friends envy where they will ask you every on how to create the same rings. Moreover, this ring is showing a shiny luxurious quality that also perfect to be your impressive gifts. Last, if you look for fall accessories, creating this would be a perfect choice.

Twisted Knot Rings

Twisted knot rings DIY Captivating Ring Ideas To Add More Gorgeous Collection


These DIY twisted knot rings are the sample of a more delicate ring style. They usually are made with brass wire or gold. The materials you need to create this ring are wire, cutting pliers, chain nose pliers, ring mandrel, and nail file. If you are lazy to wear a ring then after seeing this, it is a reason to start wearing rings again.

Pearl Knuckle Rings

Let a twist have a role in the traditional pearl ring by turning it into a knuckle ring. The pearl is simply placed in between the top two knuckles of your fingers.

Faux Gem Ring

It is a combination of a variety of polymer clay colors into a swirly pattern,  you can just bake it and glue it to a ring blank. If you are lucky then you will be the only one who has this ring.

Faux Granite Rings

Ths faux granite ring give a more modern vibe to our fingers complete with its funky faux granite stacking rings. The step is simple, you can use polymer clay and a utility knife. Make sure that you buy a speckled clay like the one above that resembles granite. This idea is perfect to accompany your relaxing Sunday.

Wire Wrapped Crystal Ring

If you are interested in a more bold and colorful ring, this could be your choice. It is a beautiful wire-wrapped crystal ring that ready to boost your mood every day. Start by choosing any type of crystal you have, then use a copper-colored wire to wrap around both sides.

Pearl Bead Ring

Pearl bead ring DIY Captivating Ring Ideas To Add More Gorgeous Collection


This is actually another type of wire wrapped ring that has a different style. The pretty pearl is the star while the wire s wrapped around the ends of a thicker round piece is a gorgeous line.

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