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24 Pretty DIY Hair Accessories to Beautify Your Look

Accessories can complete the appearance to be more perfect. There are many accessories on the market with various models and choices. However, if you want something else and unique for your hair, just make your own impressive DIY accessories according to your taste and creativity. Accessories are identical to women. You do not have to buy it, you can create your own to make it. Moreover, many objects around us can be used as beautiful accessories.

Hair Pin

Discussing the trend of models and hairstyles is endless. The hairpin trend is more lively with the innovation of the hairstylist because hairpin trends every year is a must to support the appearance. Hairpin trends always rotate with the times, and of course, it is not difficult to make hair clips. Simply prepare a black hairpin, small beads, and iron glue. Glue the beads as you wish. If the beads are dry, stick them on the black pins. Wait for it to dry and pinch the beads ready for use.

This hair clip has a nice addition of decoration. With a golden decoration and a triangle shape, you can provide a simple combination.

The shape of the star is very cool indeed. Moreover, you add to the decoration of the clip pins that give beauty. Then give a very cool gold color.

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With beautiful colorful combinations. Give your hairpin decoration a cute look. Especially if you wear it, you will provide the completeness for your style.

Hair clips are one of the easy accessories to make. By forming it like a flower and has a beautiful purple color, you can add beauty to your style.

One of the accessories that you must wear is a hair clip. With a nice flower shape, it looks more charming.

This one might give a beautiful impression if you wear it. With a hairpin in yellow and has a flower shape, it can provide perfection for your appearance.

Don’t throw away your unused blue cloth. You can use these materials to make beautiful hairpin accessories. With that, the remaining material is not wasted in vain.

A hairpin has a simple stone decoration. Then, given an additional color with blue paint that is very suitable thus providing a unified combination.

image source

Hair Tie

Getting a hair tie that is funny and attractive is not always available in an accessory shop. You can also create a cute hair tie by making it yourself. Of course, here the creative soul and want to try are needed. Creating with flannel or used cloth is fun. Only with a needle and thread, you can make a variety of funny objects that can be used every day. We can change this flannel cloth into beautiful flowers that can be worn as a hair tie.

Having long hair sometimes makes you difficult. But with this hair binder accessories, you can provide convenience for you with nice colors which easy to make too.


You can make a hair tie from the thread. By knitting it and add a few different colors and make it into a flower, it can provide beauty for your style.

Accessories do have many types, but this one has its own uniqueness. Made from knitted blue and white yarn, it produces simple hair binder accessories.

This red color has a very cool characteristic which is integrated into a hair tie that is made by knitting that has a very charming heart shape.

Tie hair made of yarn and knitted has a very solid color combination. It has a shape like a bow tie so it looks more charming.

Hair ties from this yarn have the shape of a bow tie so it looks better. It has an orange color that provides an interesting combination.

Make a hair tie with red thread. Then shape it into a flower that looks beautiful and combine it into your style.

In thinking about the style to leave the house is one of the important things. With a hair tie in yellow color, it gives neatness in your appearance.

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In addition to smoothing hair, headbands are usually chosen by women to sweeten their appearance as well. Typically flower-themed headbands to give the wearer’s beautiful and sweet impression. Indeed, to get headbands easily we get in accessory shops but it would be more proud if you can make it yourself. To make these headbands, the materials used are easily available at affordable prices.

Make sure you use different accessories every time you leave the house. With this headband, who has a cute flower decoration, you will look cuter.

Pink does have a funny impression. Moreover, incorporate it into your own headband can give confidence when using these accessories.

Use colorful shirt buttons that are not used as a headband decoration. That way you can save money and look very creative in making good accessories.

Simple black headband with a blend of blue ribbon.

image source

Rarely do women use headbands made of fabric like this. You can simply tie it as you wish and having a nice different appearance.

Don’t hesitate to make headband accessories. All you have to do is see one of these accessories, with cool gray and comfortable materials. It is suitable for you and in your appearance.

This headband has material from beautiful colorful threads. It has a very charming flower shape so that it can provide perfection in your appearance.

Using used materials to make accessories is very creative. With paper and beautiful decoration, it makes headbands simple but gives a dazzling combination.


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Besides you can use yourself, you can also make accessories for gifts for friends or family members whose birthdays. Something that you make yourself must have more meaningful value than buying. With a little creative spirit and willingness to try, we can make an interesting accessory. materials that you can use are from recycling items and from knick-knacks that you can buy at accessories stores.

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