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55 Proper Decoration Ideas with the DIY Projects

Have you ever thought about beautifying your own home? Creating a room in the house to look more beautiful is not only always dependent on the furniture. In addition, you can make your own home decoration creations. Moreover, making home decorations has a lot of advantages, you know! Besides being able to hone your creativity, making your own home decorations can also train your patience.

To decorate and decorate a house, of course, there is much we can do. One of them is to decorate the walls in the house so that it can give the feel we want. Decorate the walls you can do in various ways such as giving color, texture, hanging paintings, and various other things. But we can even decorate it in an easier way through each of our creativity. For example, one simple thing that you can do is to make decorative photos that you can hang uniquely on the walls of the room.

Amazing DIY succulent terrarium ideas

Beautiful jute love rope sign

Beautiful large wood sign design

Best DIY white brick vases

Burlap wall hanging ideas

Cheap vase makeover with gold accents

Chic DIY canvas wall art

Creative DIY yarn chandelier

Cute light switch cover

Decorative bookend ideas with succulents

DIY ampersand art ideas

DIY floral monogram

DIY frame wall shelves in white

DIY leaf doormat

DIY rope basket materials

DIY rope knot lamp

DIY rugs with colorful fabrics

DIY rustic shutter bench in white

Diy rustic wood chalkboard sign

DIY rustic wood sailboat

Diy starbrust in blue

Diy twine pear decorations

Dollar store book topiary ideas

Elegant DIY geometric planters

Farmhouse style hanging wire baskets

Functional DIY mirror boxes

Marble accordion rack on the walls

Minimalist DIY wooden shelves

Modern wall hanging planters

Patterned candle lampshade ideas

Rustic coffee station with the wooden board

Rustic wooden curtain rods

Simple DIY small table

Tissue paper flamingo ornament

Natural wood frame mirror

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A clothes hanger made from branches

A creative wood planter made from small pieces of wood

Beautiful hanging lamps from the branch

Centerpiece wood planter made of wood

Colorful pallet hooks attached to the wall

Creative hooks from small umbrella sticks

Creative shelves made of wood slices

Diy candle holder from solid wood

Diy clock made of wood

Diy flower planter made of wood

Diy stair decoration made of wood

Diy wood planter on the wall

Diy wooden decoration rack in the form of a triangle

Diy wooden ornaments in the form of love

Place wooden DIY ornaments

Rural hooks from branches

Simple creative makeup rack

Small DIY coffee table made of wood

Unique DIY wooden candle holder

Wall decoration made of branches

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Do you like plants and want to make a garden in the house, but you are afraid that the house will fall apart? Indeed, the solution is simple, just use ornamental plants in glass or in small pots! You can also make plants into wall hangings. Furthermore, the way to make it easy is that you only need to attach a wooden basket. Then you stick it on the wall.

To realize the look of the room you want one of the first steps is to decorate the room with a variety of DIY crafts. However, home decoration is a very popular item. Besides the economical price, the process of making it is also easy. DIY room decoration also consists of various forms ranging from chandeliers, centerpiece wood planter, Creative hooks and so forth. Surely, DIY home decoration can change the feel of the interior of your residence more pleasant.

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