Since Easter is near, then it is time for us to prepare and plan for Easter accessories and equipment for our kids. There are many types of accessories and equipment that you can make for your kids such as Easter eggs, Easter Costumes, etc. You can buy those things, but I think it will be better if you made them yourself. Not only making these accessories will give your kids unique stuff for them only, but you can spend quality time with your kids. And most importantly it will save a couple of bucks.

Today we will talk about Bunny Easter made from a sock and you can use this cute doll for your decoration or for your kids. Now take a look at Cute DIY Bunny Socks That Will Make Your Kids Beg You To Create More Bunnies.

Cute DIY Bunny Socks That Will Make Your Kids Beg You To Create More Bunnies


Material :
  • Small Sock
  • Piece of Small Cloth
  • Rice
  • Moveable Eyes
  • Pompoms
  • Glue
  • Scissor
How To Do It :

1 First, fill the sock with rice. Depending on the size of the sock you can fill it up to three to four cups of rice.

2 Next tie a clear rubber band in two-point. First to separate the belly and the neck, second to separate the head and the ear.

3 Cut a contrasting piece of cloth to create the “Belly” of the bunny. Also cut a small triangle shape for the nose and also for the teeth.

3 Start gluing the necessary part for eastern bunny such as eye, teeth, and nose and also the belly. Don’t forget to glue the pompom at the back of the bunny to create a tail.

4 Lastly, cut the ear into two parts and don’t forget to sniff the corner of the ear and make it slightly rounded or pointed.

Now your easter bunnies are ready to decorate and guard the eggs.

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