In addition to preventing pants and skirts from sagging, belts play an important role in accentuating the style of dress. Like other accessories, belts also have various types of models and various materials. It can be the impressive DIY accessories also since you can make it yourself. That way, you become easier to combine them with clothes that are worn. Many people often underestimate belts. Most people only consider this one item as an accessory to make the outfit stick in place so as not to sag. But actually, this one fashion item can make the style go up to the next level. If you’re getting into fashion here’s a great article to read for you to get started at

Belts are designed with various colors and also interesting details. This is intended so that the belt can support the look that you are presenting. Wearing a belt will give a slimmer impression. Your belt makes your appearance much more fashionable. You can choose the belt that suits you before you buy it. It’s easy to adjust the event you are going to attend. For example, you want to attend a memorable casual event, you can choose a belt with canvas or other casual material. Models and colors can be freer for you to choose from.

This artificial belt has material from fabric and has a nice stripe motif. Then the belt is locked using two iron connected to each other and gives a nice style.

For your style we recommend using an additional belt. But what you can make yourself, that way will save more costs. With material from yarn and added with a bow tie to make it more attractive.

Paper can also be used as a belt. By cutting it into a rectangle then try to tie it up. Give a style that is creative and also charming.

Black belt and has a very beautiful motif. With material from yarn knitted and added with black pearl ornaments. Give a cool impression into your style.

Black belt that looks very cool. With very easy manufacture and added decoration with very nice leather decoration.

With leather, you can use to make belts. Then you can add stripes with thread motifs. Give a very good combination.

Black is very cool indeed. But even better if you put in the decoration of your belt. That way your style will look very charming and nice.

You can use a red ribbon as a belt for style, by adding a white flower-shaped diamond decoration. So that it can provide a very beautiful decoration.

This belt is only made of white rope. But it can look good, because beautiful motifs are formed and have a simple impression. As a result your style looks more attractive.

White cords are also great for completing your style. But you have to add decoration that can support and can become a dazzling belt. That way you look very stylish.

Another thing in making a belt you might not know. With red knitted yarn and interesting additional decoration. Can make a combination that suits your style.

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This beautiful white fabric is good if you use it as a belt. All that’s left is to add leather and round metal as the belt buttons. Then you can use it to beautify the style.

Leather ball already has a good motive. All you have to do is take the skin and you can make a simple but good belt. With a yellow string as a lock and at the same time provides a perfect combination.

The benefits of making your own belt accessories are numerous. From saving costs you can also adjust your desires to decorate the belt. With a brown cloth that is only tied as a belt. It’s enough to compliment your style.

You can use this old brown cloth as a belt. By adding leather that has been neatly trimmed as well as being used as a lock. It can make a simple combination.

A gray sash made from knitting. It has a very neat decoration. Especially if coupled with an iron button as a lock that can provide an attractive style for your appearance.

Leather material that has a simple brown color. Which you can cut to resemble the shape of a leaf. Then sew it one by one so that it can form a simple bound, but it looks very creative.

In making belts, you can use brown and white cords as a combination. By uniting into one, Until it has beautiful motifs and shapes. That way the belt can complement your style.

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Simple gray fabric that has a beautiful flower design. Can be used as a cool belt. By adding a gray circle as a button and can provide the perfect combination.

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Black cloth can be used for combinations to make belts. By adding decoration from rattan, it gives a simple blend but looks good.

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Use flowers as a belt and can provide a beautiful combination. With this artificial belt, you will have an attractive and enchanting style.

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For those who like casual style can not be separated also from the name belt. This is because there is already a special belt to accompany your casual style. Because it is used for a relaxed atmosphere, the design can also be more varied. The model and color can be more free according to taste. Express your style through a choice of belts with cool colors and attractive designs. The material of this belt usually varies can be leather or synthetic materials.

Belts are indeed designed with various models and sizes. This is certainly intended to give a different impression on the wearer. Just like other accessories, the selection of belts must also be adjusted to your taste. A belt that suits your taste will make you comfortable wearing it. Your appearance will also look attractive because you are not awkward with what you wear.

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