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How to Bring the Greenery into Your House with DIY Planters

Green plants are now the plants we often see in homes. This ornamental plant can grow indoors and easy to care for. In addition to providing a fresh atmosphere and healthy air, this plant is also a tool to calm and reduce stress levels. To grow green plants we need a potted plant. Now, potted plants have many unique designs. You just need to adjust the design and suitable place to place your greenery which will be such a good idea for your DIY decoration project.

DIY Wooden Planter

Utilizing used wood is actually quite interesting. Used wood that is still good you can change into a variety of creative objects, one of which is a plant pot. Not only can pot plants be made from clay or plastic, but you can also use waste or used wood to put flowers or plants in your home. Potted plants made of wood have more value when compared with other materials. This Wood makes the outdoor decoration of your home look more natural.

This time you can make a planter made of wood that is given the type of the name of the plants. After that put it in the kitchen to make a natural decoration.

You can combine this DIY wooden planter with a bookshelf below. After that, you can make a rather tall planter to make room for this bookshelf.

It looks like a pretty impressive rural planter. This DIY planter is made of wood painted in faded blue and given a handle of iron enough to make your indoor room look attractive.

Make a DIY planter the same length as your window. Meanwhile, you can make it with wood to make it look natural.

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If you want to have an indoor garden, maybe a vertical planter made of wood is the choice. Prepare a rather large board after that for a wooden box planter and stick it on the wooden board.

A minimalist look for this DIY wood planter. Made with a happy feeling this planter combines colored wire and a small wooden board to make it.

If you want to put succulent plants in your room, create a wooden box planter to make it easy to install. After that, determine which walls of the room you will beautify with this wood planter.

If your kitchen has an empty room maybe you can make a vertical planter for vegetables and herbs to be planted there. Apart from that, the vertical design is also great for saving space if you don’t have a large space.

Make your room more functional by growing vegetables for your needs. After that, you also don’t forget the planter you are using, this time we suggest making a DIY vertical planter made of wood.

Make a wooden planter that you can stick on the wall. In addition to growing plants that you like, this planter can also be a shelf to place ornaments to beautify your room.

Prepare a wooden board to make this vertical planter. Meanwhile, you can make a vertically arranged box planter to decorate the walls of your room.

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Decorated Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are usually present as living containers for ornamental plants. But with a slick, beautiful, and attractive appearance, you can make a terracotta pot as a decoration inside the house. Make terracotta pots look more outstanding by applying striking neon colors. You need to prepare a foam brush, white acrylic paint, and other neon colors. Or you can just paint terracotta pots according to your wishes.

For clay planters to be more attractive, you can paint with this artistic floral design. Besides that, if you have an idea that you like maybe you can make it your own way.

There are many ways to make clay pots into a pleasant decoration for your indoor room. This time we made face paintings to make them beautiful.

If you want to make an elegant appearance in this clay pot. You can paint black and give the text white to get the perfect color contrast.

Prepare the design that you have planned to make the terracotta pot become more beautiful. This time we made an elegant design with a touch of different colors in each of these pots.

If you are confused about making the pot more attractive, maybe we can help you by making a white terracotta pot painted with melted yellow accents. It’s very simple and easy to make.

Combining the color between sky blue and gold is a perfect choice. In addition, you do not forget to match the colors in this pot container.

This is an elegant rustic pot design by painting a rather shabby white color. In addition, you can make writing plants in these pots that match the plants that you plant.

An attractive and beautiful design for this terracotta pot. Combining black and white is the perfect color, you can play white to make spots that stain black in this pot.

If you like the color pink you can paint the whole for this pot. Also, make a yellow pattern to perfect it.

Design a beautiful terracotta pot with a line pattern that lines the art. Meanwhile, you can combine white and yellow to create an impressive appearance.

If you like a simple design, you can simply paint white. In addition, you can make small writing that can make a pretty amazing appearance.

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If your house does not have a large yard for you to grow a number of plants, then the solution is to use potted plants. These potted plants are available in various shapes, colors, and materials. Plants in small pots at home can make the atmosphere lively and fresh. It will be even more lively if the pots of plants that you have are decorated as creatively as possible.

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