What is the first and last room you use at home? Of course, the answer is the bedroom. You must pay attention to your bedroom proper decoration. Here, a bedroom must have a comfortable and full of privacy. A good bedroom design will affect your mood during your activities. If you don’t have a lot of ideas, let’s take a peek at how to decorate a bedroom to be more comfortable and not get bored below.

DIY Headboard

Various ways you can do to enhance the look of the bedroom. One of them is using the headboard design of the bed. Headboards are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and are made of a variety of different material types. However, you don’t just buy a ready-made headboard product. You can also create your own unique and super creative headboard design according to the look you want.

Combining the headboard and canopy has become one interesting thing for your bedroom. in addition, you can use curtains that have beautiful patterns to make it.

DIY projects that are easy to make using only wood that has been drilled and colorful ropes that you can make this charming headboard.

If you have a lot of unused books, maybe you can use them again to make a DIY headboard for your bed. It is indeed very simple but can make your bedroom look beautiful.

If you have an unattractive headboard frame you might be able to change it with a colorful fabric patterned like this picture. Try it is very cheap and easy to make.

Make this beautiful DIY headboard project using white flower ornaments. Attach it to each wood to make this great look.

The headboard made of pallets is indeed one of the amazing DIY bed designs. You simply polish it a little by painting white to match it with your wall.

This colorful DIY headboard is truly amazing. Prepare a few wooden boards after that colorful paint to get this beautiful look.

This is a simple DIY headboard but can make your bed look amazing. Only by using a wooden pallet that is given a little black stripes, this is very beautiful you need to try it.

This is a very functional headboard, using a ladder that has faded paint that makes it a unique snack. Besides this headboard can also be used as a shelf to store your bedroom decoration.

This time you can make a cheap but antique headboard using windows that are not used anymore. Having a unique shape makes your sleep look attractive.

You can also use a string light as a beautiful headboard. It looks strange but this headboard idea can make your bed more attractive.

You can make your own headboard from this elegant wood. This wood has a dark color that is suitable for your bed that is brightly colored.

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DIY Pinboard

Although there isn’t much furniture you can add to make your place look more beautiful, you can add a pinboard. Pinboards can give the impression of a room that is more lively and more personal than plain walls that seem cramped and rigid. If you want to change the walls of your room into something different, you can place the pinboard on the wall. Another function of the pinboard is as a place to attach your worklist or important schedule.

This boy’s bedroom has a modern design that has black, red and white colors. In addition, you do not forget this patterned pinboard, having the same color makes everything more harmonious.

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This wooden framed pinboard looks elegant in black. Install on your small bed to make your walls not empty.

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Adding a pin board in the bedroom is important. In addition to boosting your activities, it can also make your bedroom walls look stunning.

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This pinboard is made rather large to hold a lot of notifications there. Usually placed on a work desk in your bedroom.

This large bedroom is equipped with a pinboard mounted on the side of the sleeping quarters. Create a pinboard frame with the same design to display the twin pinboard designs.

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This modern children’s bedroom design is equipped with a pinboard mounted on a study table. Simple design that can make this bedroom look perfect.

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This time you can combine the headboard and pinboard into one place. In addition to adding to your bedroom to be more funny, also able to make decorations for your bedroom.

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This pinboard has a simple design with only a few patterns at the bottom. Moreover, you can put this pinborad in your bedroom to add decoration on the wall.

This girl’s bedroom is equipped with a study table that is integrated with a shelf. In addition, the presence of a pinboard attached to the learning table makes your child more eager to learn.

Pinboard with this elegant brown calendar design. You can install this pinboard on the wall of your bed to make your wall look more different.

Cute DIY pinboard design, by making this patterned circle can make your child’s bedroom wall more beautiful. Place it on the study table to make it easy for you to add new pins.

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Everyone certainly likes the conditions and atmosphere of a beautifully arranged room in accordance with the wishes. That way, sleep activities become more restful without any disturbances. Because the rooms that you arrange well are more able to calm the minds of everyone who inhabits them. Therefore, room decoration activities are also an important step to create a comfortable atmosphere.

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