Most of our daughters love dolls. Especially when it comes to barbies or Disney princes dolls. They will go begging you when they see them.  Buying dolls for our daughter is fine, but why buying dolls when you can easily make awesome and cute dolls for your daughter?

All you need is some colorful yarns and you can make the dolls by yourself. well, maybe it is not as good as barbies and Disney princes, but with this DIY you can make an army of these dolls and your daughter will have a bunch of dolls to play with.

If you’re curious about how to make yarn dolls, then scroll down and take a look at Cute And Awesome DIY Yarn Dolls For Your Daughter That Will Make Her Forget Her Barbies.

  • Yarn with different colors
  • Cardboard Scrap, the thicker and heavier the better.
  • Scissors
How To Do It :

1 First, take a cardboard scrap and wrap the yarn around the cardboard. The length of the cardboard will determine the height of the Yarn Dolls. So if you want a tall yarn doll, then you need long cardboard.

2 Keep wrapping the yarn into the cardboard until you are happy with the thickness.

3 Once you get enough thickness, then cut off one end of the yarn. And make sure both sides have the same length.

4 After that, take a small part of the yarn from the edge of the yarn (any end is fine). After that, tie it up to make the head of the doll. Then a medium part below the head to make a body of the yarn. And don’t forget to separate some of the yarn to make a hand for the dolls.

5 After you separate all the parts, now all you need to do is braid the yarn and tie it up again to make a body part.

Now, your DIY Yarn Dolls are done and your daughter can play with it all day long.

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