There are various ways to decorate your home. If you love a rustic touch, you will play well with the woods. In this article, we are going to see a rustic centerpiece with tea light. Surprisingly, it is made of a wooden log. The result is so stunning. It brings us back to nature. Whenever you have free time, just create this centerpiece. It only needs less than an hour.

Rustic centerpiece with tea light from a wooden log 1

Emily Fazio has a great idea to use a wooden log to make a new DIY project. It deals with a rustic centerpiece in which brings the house in a more natural tone. The materials that should be gathered are a big wooden log, as you like. Then, a pencil, a drill to make a hole, black paint color, and tea lights. Those materials can be easily found at the store.

Rustic centerpiece with tea light from a wooden log 2

To have similar holes, you need to draw the circle with space for five tea lights. Use 1 a half hole saw and drill the wooden log carefully. Make sure that you decide the proper depth as well to put on the tea lights later on. Do the same way with the second and the rest of the holes. Please create as neatly as possible. So, we will get a cool centerpiece.

Rustic centerpiece with tea light from a wooden log 3

Feel free to paint the holes in black or stain it one by one. Let those stains had dried all. Then, put the tea lights. Pay attention carefully to the holes whether too big or too small. You can repair the hole that doesn’t match the tea light. The steps to create this rustic centerpiece is pretty easy but will give you a cool accessory.

Rustic centerpiece with tea light from a wooden log 4

You are pleased to put the centerpiece in the bathroom to improve it likes a spa room. If you wish to have a candlelight dinner, this centerpiece will be a beautiful accent too. Anyone can follow the steps easily. Even, a DIY newbie can copy this idea in less than two hours. Whether in fall or winter, this centerpiece will enlighten every night with a romantic feeling.


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