Instead of buying a new floor lamp that might cost much, it will be better for us to create it from unused things. Do you know that we can create a floor lamp from unused snacks tins? Yes, it is possible. If you don’t have any plans this week, just try it by hand. Crafting it will not spend much money. Even, you can do it in a day. Let us see how to make it by Susan Teare below!

Of course, you have to gather the materials need here. Take a lamp kit, thread lamp pipes, washers, screws, and nut lampshade. Then, you also need some tools like drills, jigsaw, wire stripper, and tubing cutter. Now, you are ready to craft.

Prepare The Wood Base

Prepare the wood base

How large the tin that you want to use? Draw a circle in the wood that has the same size as the first tin. Then, cut it inside carefully by using your jigsaw. This process is aimed to have a piece of wood that will fit inside the first tin.

Prepare The Bottom

Prepare the bottom

In this step, You have to drill three holes in the first tin. Then, stuck washers in each hole and the screws as well. So, the base will be strong enough to support other tins upper. It will keep the floor lamp durable and not easy to break.

Drill A Hole At The Center

Drill a hole at the center

You need to drill a hole at the center of each tin that you want to use. Make sure that you do it well at the base tin. So, you will have a strong and neat floor lamp later on. Make sure the tin base assembled well with the wood.

Stack More Tins

Stack more tins

Stack the tins one by one onto the threaded pipe. So, it will look like a leg. Use as many as tins based on how tall your floor lamp will be. This project will not take many hours as long as you do it right.

Run The Wire

Run the wire

Insert the wire from the bottom up to the top carefully. Let a certain part of the threaded pipe to connect with the lamp kit. Cover the pipe by using a copper sleeve. Then, insert the socket and you can add the bulb and lampshade. Then, the floor lamp is done.



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