When you think that your bathroom is already dull, it is time to upgrade the design. However, you will need more money to spruce up your bathroom look. Due to a renovation needs a professional. If you have free time, please do a simple change in your bathroom. It keeps your budget and upgrades your bathroom design as well. In this article, we give you some tips to improve bathroom design that anyone can do. Check out!

Forget Bathtub, Go With Walk In Shower

Forget bathtub, go with walk in shower

Just omit your bathtub and change it with a walk-in closet. A shower room looks more prestigious and simple. Furthermore, you don’t need a large space to build it. Then, apply a glass partition to attain a larger bathroom look.

Install New Lighting Fixtures

Install new lighting fixtures

It seems like a great idea to install new lighting fixtures. Sometimes, the bathroom with old lighting accents looks so gloomy. So, we need to change the lighting fixtures with the new one. Then, the bathroom will look brighter.

Re-Tiling The Shower

Re-tiling the shower

If you don’t want to change a big difference in your bathroom design, do this simple way. Re-tile the shower area with subway tiles or others that give a new look. You can do it by your self to save the budgets.

Repaint the Vanity

Repaint the vanity

Choose any color that will fit your bathroom decor. Change your bathroom cabinet color periodically or any time needed will be much better. The bathroom needs to upgrade with just a little thing like painting the drawers, doors, or window shutters.

Wallpaper Creates a Big Change

Wallpaper creates a big change

What do you think about this bathroom wall? You don’t find the bricks, concretes, or woods, do you? Yes, the owner of this house applies a wallpaper for its bathroom wall. This simple project creates a big change.

Give Frame For Mirror

Give frame for mirror

Adding a frame in a mirror in your bathroom might change decoration instantly.  Find the wooden boards and cut them by using a jigsaw with a certain size based on the mirror. Then, use hot glue to attach the frame. It is an easy project, isn’t it?

DIY Bathroom Storage

Diy bathroom storage

Give a personal touch into your bathroom with DIY bathroom storage. Sometimes, it is hard to find a storage item that fits our bathroom decoration. Creating it will give a big impact. In this picture, the owner creates a towel holder that functioned as essentials’ storage as well.




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