These ideas of DIY pendant light are worth trying for you right now because it is considered as the cheapest and the simplest ideas to copy. All the ideas are rounded up in Undoubtedly Gorgeous DIY Pendant Light Fixtures From Upcycled Items.

Mason Jar Pendant Light


Mason jar is always popular in the DIY world’s project. This super simple project of pendant light creates a charming light fixture. The supplies are mason jar, nail, sharpie, hammer, tin snips, and light kit. Don’t forget with the additional decoration such as the jute rope.

Drum Pendant Light

Drum pendant light Undoubtedly Gorgeous DIY Pendant Light Fixtures From Upcycle Items


This DIY pendant light is perfect for a musically inclined family or for a teen’s bedroom. It is a smart way to upcycle the drum kit to be a functional pendant light.

Colander Pendant Light

Let this colander pendant light beautify your kitchen. The steps are to drill a hole into the bottom for the wire and insert it. After that attach a light bulb socket inside of it. As a finishing, just hang the lamp.

Woven Rope Pendant Light

This gorgeous rustic pendant light that is made from sisal rope woven through a planter basket is great for you to try.  Thus, it will be great to put on your home with a farmhouse kitchen style or beach house living room.

Turbine Pendant Light

This DIY project that you never would have come up with. The old turbines from roof vents take a new life as light fixtures for an industrial look with a touch of modern farmhouse style.

Globe Pendant Light

Global décor is not only trending but also inviting as a great addition to a home full of eclectic where the world is in your home.

Tin Can Pendant Light

Tin can pendant light Undoubtedly Gorgeous DIY Pendant Light Fixtures From Upcycle Items


Have you imagined the light fixtures used to hold channel veggies? Turn the tin can in a quick coat of paint and a pendant light kit is all you need to create this project.

DIY Cardboard Pendant Light

Another genius way to use the upcycle cardboard is like this. It is an inexpensive way to create a stylish pendant light that surely is the talk of the party when your guest comes to your home.



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