Do you like cats? It will be nice to create cats with easy materials this week. Oh, even you can ask your kids to make some cats with you. This fun project will trigger their creative thinking and teach them to love animals. Cats are cute no matter how old they are. They always show a gorgeous expression that asks us to love them. In this article, we have cat craft lists that easy to make with your kids. Check out!

DIY Cat Planter

Diy cat planter


What a cute cat! This grass planter is made of an old soda bottle. You can get this awesome cat as well. Making this with your kids will be a pretty cool idea. Just draw the cat’s face. Most people will draw a smile face s this picture.

Cute Cat Purse

Sure. Your kids will love to make this project. What you need to prepare are felts in any color you need, printable cat drawing, ribbon, hot glue, and eyes. First, you have to print the cat follow the pattern to the felt you have. Add the smile, nose, and eyes. Then, attach the ribbon on the back.

Cat Fabric Coasters

What about these coasters? Those cute cats will be on your table if you make them by hand. Feel free to customize the colors as you like. Don’t forget to ask your kids to make these cute fabric coasters with you. Oh, it will be nice to use felts.

Cat Desk Organizer

Adding this cute organizer in your kids’ room might a great decision. However, you need to make this cat desk organizer by hand. Prepare toilet paper rolls, glue, and scissors. Then, start to make the craft with your own style. Put on your pencils, pens, and other tiny things inside.

DIY Mug Cat

These cute mugs will boost our mood every morning. Make a mug of coffee will be a nice thing to do while seeing the beauty of your home. Just crawl the cat’s face with a smile to get more spirit before going to your office.

DIY Cat Bookmarks

Prepare white or colored cards to make the cat’s body and tummy. You will need small scraps as well to customize the cat’s face. Start to craft with scissors to cut the papers. Then, use glue to attach each cat’s body part. You are free to add googly eyes and hole punch to make the cats more alive.


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