When making a DIY project, kids will love the animal figure or theme for sure. Even, animals are the living things that kids learn since they can see and learn something. With that fact, you can pick the animal theme when having a plan to make some DIY projects. There will be varied DIY animals that you can make and it is really possible to make any of the animal kind if you have good creativity and imagination. However, you must need references, right? To give you ease, we will show you some proper designs that could be possible to be made with your kids.

Before you go to the picture references, you should know that the animal figure that you make can be in form of ornament, toys, storage, and more. Use materials that won’t be dangerous for your kids like paper, plastic, fabric, coloring pencil, rope, etc. Now, it’s time for you to go down to see the references that will be awesome! Enjoy!

Pink Rabbit from Hative

Yellow Chick from Hative

DIY Toilet Paper Owl from Hative

Orange and Green Octopus from Hative

Purple Butterfly from Hative

Pink Love Bird from Hative

DIY toilet Paper Snake from Hative

Blue Snake Figure from Hative

Colorful Snake Craft from Hative

Black Penguin from Hative

Dinosaurs Figure from Hative

Paper and Toilet Paper Roll Fish from Hative

Green Crocodile from Hative

DIY Squirrels from Hative

Toilet Paper Roll Mice from Hative

DIY Camel from Hative

Toilet Paper Roll Spider from Hative

White and Black Horse from Hative

Light Grey Elephant from Hative

DIY Paper Plate Duck from Fabulesslyfrugal

Caterpillars from Fabulesslyfrugal

DIY Colorful Bird from Fabulesslyfrugal

Colorful Hedgehog from Fabulesslyfrugal

Grey Koala from Fabulesslyfrugal

Lion Figure from Fabulesslyfrugal

DIY Yellow Bee from Fabulesslyfrugal

Paper Plate Turtles from Fabulesslyfrugal

Green Frog from Fabulesslyfrugal

DIY Colorful Turtles from Fabulesslyfrugal

Colorful Parrot from Fabulesslyfrugal

Blue and Green Peacock from Fabulesslyfrugal

Paper Plate Monkey from Fabulesslyfrugal

Colorful Snail from Fabulesslyfrugal

Tropical Fish from Fabulesslyfrugal

Pink Pig from Fabulesslyfrugal

White Polar Bear from Fabulesslyfrugal

Stick Fish from Stylesatlife

Clothes Pin Shark from Stylesatlife

Colorful Octopus from Stylesatlife

Paper Plate Fish from Stylesatlife

Egg Carton Whale from Stylesatlife

DIY Paper Plate Walrus from Stylesatlife

Cardboard Camel from Redtedart

Crochet Horse from Shelterness

Paper Horse from Shelterness

Pinatas Horse from Shelterness

Sea Horse from Homesthetics

Pelican Bird from Homesthetics

Seashell Turtle from Easypeasyandfun

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