Sometimes, we wish to have more things to get inspiring. However, it will need more money to buy anything we want. It will be much better to create them by hand. We will save our money and get upgraded. In this article, we will give our lists of simple crafts that a college student can do in minutes. Started with DIYs for home, DIYs to wear, and other DIY things. Those crafts are easy to make and affordable for anyone. Let us check them out further below!

DIY Pom Pom Pins

Diy pom pom pins


Look at these beautiful pom-pom magnets that will so much help you to attach anything to your fridge. You can use them to attach your notes to the desk. Even, it will very useful to attach your photos to the wall. The pom-poms look so cute and fun.

Rose Gold Foiled Pencil Cup

This rose gold foiled pencil cup will spruce up your desk appearance. It is easy to make this DIY in minutes. You only have to apply white spray paint to the glass. Then, attach a double-sided adhesive tape. After that, use rose gold foil for all the glass surfaces and peel it back.

DIY Cord Keeper

If you want to save your earbuds in a tidy look, you can use this DIY cord keeper. It is easy to make even for a DIY newbie. This pretty cord keeper also helps you to make your desk more organized well. A college student can finish this project in less than an hour.

DIY Palm Leaf Ring Dish

Save your rings well in this DIY palm leaf ring dish is a great thing to do. Rather than saving them in a drawer that will hard to find, this ring dish will ease you to reach a ring you want anytime. Make this simple DIY project by using playdough will be a nice idea.

DIY Crystal Cactus Terrarium

A crystal cactus terrarium might improve your desk decor instantly. You will need a glass or tube or other shapes to make this terrarium. Add some soils, sands, and stones to complete its look. Feel free to customize with other colorful touches.

DIY Glitter Cell Phone Case

Of course, anyone can do this super simple project in minutes. You can customize the glitter color as you like. You will not spend much money on this DOY project. Apply glue on the cell phone case and pour the glitter.  Isn’t it easy?


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