Crafting in summer is something that anyone loves. When the sun shines happily in the morning, and butterflies go around. Then, the weather looks warmer every day, and we will remember the delicious watermelon. Eating it on the day of summer will add to our energy. What about seeing watermelon on crafts? If you are a fan of watermelons, you love seeing them anywhere. In this section, we give you inspiring DIY projects with a watermelon theme to make as soon as possible. Check out!

DIY Embroidered Watermelon Clutch

Diy embroidered watermelon clutch


You will need a green and black thread to improve your clutch in the watermelon theme. We suggest you have a red bag, pouch, or clutch first. With simple embroidery techniques, you will get an awesome watermelon theme bag you can carry. What to know more about how to make it? Check it out here

DIY Watermelon Pots

Do you love plants? It is time to plant greenery that will bloom in the warm weather. Well, we recommend you have houseplants. So that you can feel the fresh air and beautiful petals in summer. Get the pots and make them look more eye-catching with a watermelon theme. Paint the base in red, green for the top, and black dots.

DIY Watermelon Garland for Party

Summer is the perfect time for a party. We can do it day or night with family and friends. Have fun with warmer weather and more watermelons. In this case, we will make a DIY watermelon garland to spruce up the party decoration. Well, it is easy to do it. You will need paper in the colors red, yellow, and green. Check out here to see the instructions further!

DIY Watermelon Egg for Summer

Dawn Nichole shows us beautiful egg painting projects. In this case, she paints the eggs with a watermelon theme. Well, it isn’t just for Easter. You can make this craft for summer. Decorate your home with a watermelon theme, and use these watermelon eggs to complete it. 

DIY Watermelon Picnic Blanket

Instead of buying a watermelon blanket for a summer picnic day, it will be much better for you to make it by hand. It is not about how to make it. But, how to add watermelon on it. Well. It is not a tricky project at all.

DIY Watermelon Sneakers

Do you want to run tomorrow? What about improving your sneakers before it? Everyone has similar sneakers in white color elsewhere. Adding a simple touch of watermelon theme to it will make yours different. So, will you?

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