How did you learn letters? It’s time to teach your kids to learn the alphabet. They might already teach the alphabet by the teacher at school. You can make them understand those letters. Remembering letters can be difficult for children sometimes. You can help them by making alphabet crafts with supplies and tools in your home. So, they will learn letters in a fun way. In this article, we have collected alphabet craft ideas that you can make with your kids. Check them out further below and get more inspiration!

DIY Stuffed Felt Alphabet

Diy stuffed felt alphabet


Learning the alphabet with these crafts is fun. You can make the letters using felt. Cut it according to the letter shape with A, B, C, D, or soon. Then, sew them one by one. Ask your kids to make these letters with you this weekend. Then, let them play and learn those alphabets with you.

DIY Alphabet Stone Magnet

Buy smooth glass stones at a dollar store. Print the alphabet, or you can use alphabet stickers. Attach the magnet one by one. Play the letters with your kids by asking them each letter. Let them guess what letter is on the magnetic wall. Have fun! It is a simple craft that a DIY newbie can finish in less than an hour.

DIY Admiring Alphabet Rock

Get the rocks soon by buying them at a thrift store. You can find them in your garden as well. Draw the letters using the brush. Start from A to Z with different colors. You can attach them to the wall or lay them down in your garden.

DIY Alphabet Balloon

Decorate your home with alphabet balloons! You can buy balloons with alphabet shapes at a store. Then, blow them up. Use those balloons to spruce up your kids’ room. Those look awesome for a kid’s party decoration too. Feel free to customize each letter with glitters.

DIY Alphabet Coasters

You will need fabric scraps to make these alphabet costers. Cut in rectangular shapes. Then, add the letter A, B, C, D, or more. Your kids will see those letters when they want to drink. Feel free to customize the font and color you like.

DIY Origami Alphabet

It is time to show your creativity. Making a DIY origami alphabet is not tricky. You will not need any tools. Just pay attention to the fold techniques in making each letter here. Ask your kid to do this craft with you. Have fun!



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