DIY or ‘Do it yourself’ videos are pretty famous on YouTube and do quite well on other platforms as well. If you plan to start a YouTube channel, you can experiment with DIY videos and add some of your touches to them. The pandemic has forced people to stay indoors, and they are constantly looking out for avenues to engage themselves. This is one of the primary reasons for the virality of DIY videos. There are different categories of DIY videos. Cooking, gardening, and several other activities come under the umbrella of DIY videos. DIY crafts are one such category that has emerged as one of the most engaging and popular content forms.

If you want to start your own YouTube channel for DIY crafts, you can start recording the videos and then proceed to edit them. You will have to learn how to use a video editor to edit the video content that you create. You can choose to hire a professional who might help you with all the aspects of video creation and editing or take up the entire task on your shoulders. Once you understand the whole process, you won’t find it intimidating to do it again.

Checklist for Making DIY Craft Videos

You would need several things before you start creating a DIY crafts video. When your equipment is all set, you can start recording your video. Once you are done recording the video, you need to edit the video using a good video editing tool. Let’s have a look at what all equipment you will need for your DIY crafts video:


A good camera is a basic necessity if you want to record your video. There are various cameras in the market. Each of these cameras has something different to offer, but there is no need to buy a fancy one when even a basic one can fulfill your needs. Before purchasing a camera, you must know the features you want your camera to have. However, you will have to shell some additional bucks to buy a good video camera. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot on the camera, you can also use your smartphone’s camera to shoot the video. Smartphones have excellent cameras, and you can record a full-fledged DIY crafts video using your phone’s camera. Some smartphones are so good that they offer HD video recording. You can activate the 4K mode on your phone and start shooting the video for superior quality videos. You can invest in a tripod to help your phone remain steady while recording the video.


Without good light, your DIY crafts video will be a flop show. Crafts are all about bright colored papers, glitter, glue, stickers, etc. If you record your craft video in low light, the color of everything that you are using will not pop up properly. Therefore, you need to ensure enough light to record your videos. 

Also, with proper light, everything you use to create your crafts video, from a stapler to glitters, will be easily visible to your viewers. While light is important, too much light can make visibility a challenge. Your job is to ensure optimum light in the room that balances out the darkness and provides clear visibility. You can buy a good light system if you face issues with recording your video. 

Ideally, you should shoot your DIY crafts videos in a garden or open space where you receive ample natural light. However, it would be best to avoid shiny objects like mirrors while shooting the video as they might reflect light, which might distort the videos.


Your camera microphone might not be sufficient for recording the audio while the video is being recorded. If you plan to edit the video and add the track later, you will not need a microphone. However, if you will be the one who will be speaking throughout the video, you will have to invest in a good microphone. Investing in a microphone is wise if a significant part of the video depends on your voice. 

You can easily add a microphone to your system and start recording your videos. Alternatively, you can also record your voice separately on a voice recording platform and add it later to the video as a voiceover. However, this might increase your workload a tad bit. Sound is an essential element of a video, and you cannot afford to mess it up. Bring your microphone closer to your mouth and speak without any interruptions. 


The location of your video shoot defines the engagement that your content will bring. People don’t like those messy DIY videos and struggle to figure out what is being used to create a particular craft. It would help if you chose a clean place where the entire craft-making activity would be visible. 

You can clean the backyard of your house and make it a little aesthetic with colorful mats and stationery supplies. You can then stage all the materials and start creating your craft. You can also use a clean table to make the craft and record it from a good angle. Mess-free is the only mantra for recording your DIY craft videos.

Video Editing Software

Once you record the video, the most critical aspect of creating your DIY crafts video comes into the picture: Editing the videos. As a beginner, you might be intimidated by the thought of editing your videos. However, many video editing tools are available online that help you edit the videos from scratch without any prior training or exposure. 

The role of a video editing tool is not limited to clipping and merging video clips. You can do a lot more with a good video editing tool. You can edit video in real-time by trimming the unnecessary content that makes your video longer. You can also use a video template to modify your DIY crafts video’s effect. There are thousands of templates on some of the best video editing software. You can choose any template that goes well with the tone of your video.

Additionally, you can add transitions and animations to make your craft videos more interactive. You can also add stickers or gifs if you plan to target children through your videos. A good video editor will also ease out the process of adding good music to the background of your video.


You need to keep in mind several things while you create DIY crafts videos. You need to figure out what your target audience would like before starting the video creation process. Once you have decided on the broader theme of the video, make sure that you follow all of the tips listed above.

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