Buttons aren’t just for clothes. You can make endless crafts using buttons. Open up your drawers and you might find abundance buttons on them. Buttons are cheap and versatile. There are various colors, shapes, and sizes that we can choose. The more buttons, the more crafts will be. You can make home accents, accessories, or other functional things with buttons. In this article, we have gathered inspiring ideas to make crafts by using buttons. Let us check out this list further below.

DIY Decorative Pillow With Buttons

Diy decorative pillow with buttons


Attach the buttons one by one using thread. This project might need several hours but will give you a beautiful cushion. First of all, you need to collect some buttons with similar colors but in different sizes. So, you will get a beautiful tree shape just like the picture.

Holiday Button Wreath

Look at this wreath that is so eye-catching on the wall. This wreath is made by gluing the button on a canvas one by one. Make as many as possible. Then, attach them to the wreath by using glue. Feel free to customize the colors as you like. And, you can add ribbon to make it more festive.

Simple Paper Clip And Bookmarks

Give your personal touches on the paper clips by adding some buttons. Choose the buttons you want and attach them to the paper clip by using hot glue. This simple project is easy to make and cheap. Even, a DIY newbie can finish this in minutes.

DIY Cool Button Necklace

Adding some buttons to the necklace will spruce it up. Simply just attach the button one by one on each chain. Make it better by layering. Wearing this necklace will make you look stunning. Feel free to combine it with a V-neck or T-shirt.

DIY Cool Button Bag

What about this? Upgrading your bag by adding some buttons. Attach each button one by one using thread or yarn. You might need several minutes to finish this project. But, you will get a new bag with a beautiful look. Feel free to customize the size and colors you need.

DIY Button Covered Shoe

Well, the weekend is a great time to craft. What about adding some buttons to cover up your shoes? This way will upgrade the appearance of your old shoe. So, it seems like you are wearing a pair of new shoes. First cut a piece of fabric or faux leather by following your shoes’ pattern. Then, sew each button on the fabric surface. After that, attach the fabric with buttons on the shoes by using hot glue or you may sew it as well.

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