There are many things that can be recycled to make new things. One of them is that CD. How many old Compact disks or CDs are in your house? Do they still work well? You can recycle them anyway. Using CDs for creating crafts is easy and cheap. Sure, you can get the materials from your own house or buy them in a dollar craft store. In this section, we are going to show you our list of DIY recycled old CDs ideas.

Cute DIY CD Animal

Cute diy cd animal


Have fun with this super easy project that anyone will love. Adults, kids, or even your kittens will love this cute DIY CD fish. You don’t have to collect expensive materials cause you only need a CD, glitters, and glue. Ask your kids to make this craft with you!

Upcycled Baby Moon and Stars

What about this craft? Upcycled baby moon and stars work well for your nursery room. Cut a CD to create the moon. Cut other CDs to make some stars. Finish it with thread or other similar materials and hang it on a ceiling. This project will be finished in less than an hour. Your kids will love this craft.

DIY Photo Ribbon From CDs

Attach your photos on the CDs by using glue. Then, unite them with a red ribbon or other colors you like. This simple project is easy to do and will only need less than 30 minutes. Even, a DIY newbie can do this quickly. Use this photo ribbon as a wall accent and see how it upgrades the decoration.

Whimsical Upcycled CD Owl Garden

Well, it is not only your home that should be upgraded but also your garden. In this picture, we are given a cute picture of a whimsical upcycled CD owl that works so well for garden decor. Sure, this project is affordable for anyone. No need to spend a lot on money because all materials are cheap. Even your kids will love this cute owl to put in their room.

CD and Tin Can Wind Chime

What you need to prepare are CDs, a tin can, glue, glitter, or you might use washi tape as well. The more colors, the more beautiful the wind chime will be. The creators aim to make a colorful and fun DIY thing for the garden with some CDs and a tin can. What do you think? Isn’t it so gorgeous to improve any porch, garden, or outdoor space?

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