Boho craft will remind a lot of people of a carefree life full of colors, air, fun, music, festivities, the beach, the sun, the dust, and the earth. What if you put boho in your fashion style with these ideas DIY Boho Fashion Ideas To Express Your Inner Creativity.

DIY Easy Bohemian Flip Flop

DIY Boho Fashion Ideas To Express Your Inner Creativity


Here, you will be blown away by how easy and affordable these DIY bohemian flip flops are to make. To create these flip-flops you will need to swing by any local dollar or craft store to pick up some flip flops, pretty ribbon, sticky tape, and some craft scissors and glue!

DIY Terracotta Earring

DIY Boho Fashion Ideas To Express Your Inner Creativity


As with all boho outfits, you will always need a garment with earthy tones to balance out all of the artistic colors breaking through. DIY terracotta earrings are the best answer. The materials you need to create this are terracotta dry air clay, roller, cookie cutters, craft knife, sandpaper, earring blanks, eye pins, emir in one jewelry pliers, and E6000 adhesive.

DIY Embroidered Jean Shorts

These adorable DIY embroidered jean shorts are the perfect ideas to add some flair to any outfit, on any occasion. Subtly boho, these shorts will express your inner creativity without you having to say even a word! The materials you need are an embroidery needle, scissors, embroidery floss or thread,

DIY Crochet Urban Bag

When you create an item or accessory, there will always be everlasting energy within it because you have inputted your time and energy to create it. Here you will need lots of time and patience to create this delightful tote. Then you will need a sucker for the ecru yarn,  leather, and gold accent

DIY Beachy Boho Beaded Hoop Earrings

Beaded drop hoop earrings are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. See the pretty color layers of the seed beads make these beaded hoop earrings look so beachy boho. The materials you need are seed beads, gold earring hoops, gold jewelry wire, gold gauge, and jewelry-making pliers.

DIY Kimono With Fringe

Look at this pretty kimono with fringe, it is perfect to show boho and stylish. The materials you need are 1 ½ yard of floral cotton fabric, matching thread, beveled ruler, sewing shears, and sew-on fringe.

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