Bohemian craft is a work that has a unique shape. This craft also has materials that are sometimes made from unused materials. Boho style carrying an eccentric concept with bright colors and also has many colors in the craft. You can try this style for you who have a relaxed spirit, are free, and really like things that have an element of art.

Fabric Scrap Garland

Crafts made of fabric have a good texture and color. This material is easy to make crafts. There are many crafts that you make from fabric, one of which is wall decoration. You can combine short-sized fabrics and then combine them with string.

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Jewellery Hanger

Are you often annoyed because your dressing table is a mess? Not only are the makeup tools messy, sometimes you are also upset because your jewellery is out of place. the solution is to make jewellery hangers. You only need 3 materials, tree branches, rope, and hooks. For the accessories, see more at Pretty DIY Boho Accessories !

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Painted Tray

The tray now not only serves as a tool for carrying or serving food and drinks. Thanks to creative ideas and skilled hands, trays can also be used as products to decorate and beautify the room. You can paint trays in various colors and images.

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Macrame Chair

This is the perfect craft that you will definitely want to try. It is amazing how you can make the DIY Boho furniture where one of it is making a chair craft from macrame. Materials for making macrame knots also grow, from cotton yarn, linen, hemp, leather, to the reel of cable. You will love the results and it’s very easy.

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Dreamcatchers are the beliefs of Native Americans, namely Indians. Then, dreamcatcher can capture good dreams and keep away from bad dreams. Dreamcatcher or dream filtering tool was first created by the Ojibwe by weaving a net made from the outside or a circle of willow trees. See more at Stand Out DIY Boho Ornament !

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Mason Jar

Mason jar is a glass jar with a tight lid. Although at first this jar was used for food, but as time evolved, more and more creations of form and function that could be used from this mason jar. In fact, there are also brilliant ways you might not have previously thought of.

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Patchwork Curtain

One technique that has become popular among boho lovers is called “patchwork”. For example, various products that use this technique are embroidered curtains, bed sheets, pillows and other products. So,this craft has a unique shape and is a great decoration for the home.

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Flower Craft

Flowers are very good things for you to create into a craft. In addition, flowers have bright colors and are suitable for decorating the room or for jewellery. If you want to make jewellery using flowers, you can make a tiara and then you make it a jewellery in the form of a crown.

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Boho style is a style that is free and not bound by certain rules. And this craft utilize any object and then you can color or paint it with various colors. This craft also has a vintage and classic impression. So it is suitable for those of you who want to reminisce.

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