The kids love to play anything, including cards. However, they tend to miss most of them day by day. The rests could no longer be used properly. They can’t play those cards anymore. It’s time to turn those playing cards into DIY projects for the home. Basically, they are thick paper that is versatile. So, you can make decorative and or functional items using them. Are you ready? Let’s see our list below! We have gathered DIY things to make using old playing cards to inspire you.

DIY Drink Charms

Diy drink charms


It is a pretty damn chick idea! Look at the drink charms that will dramatically improve your wine glass design. Do you want to make it? You will need mod podge dimensional magic, regular mod podge, bottle caps with a loop, playing cards, a paper punch, a small paint brush, and loop holders. Start by cutting the playing card and choose the heart shape. Check out more tutorials here.  

DIY Advance Paper Flower

You will need lots of card paper. If you are a fan of paper crafting, this project is what you need. Arranging old playing cards and turning them into beautiful flower is like magic. However, it is an affordable project for anyone. Look further step by step from this video.

DIY Playing Card Bow Necklace

Here is a cute necklace made of a playing card. If you want to make it, grab the tools needed. Use a chain cutter, ribbon, hot glue, chain, and a playing card. Start by measuring the space between each fold of the card you use and fold it up. See the tutorials here and make it in your version.

DIY Playing Card Wreath

Let’s use old playing cards to decorate our home! It is not a tricky project at all. We will need a metal wire wreath form, playing cards, a hot glue gun, and ribbon. Start by attaching the cards to the wire wreath one by one using a hot glue gun. Check out the instructions here.

DIY Playing Card Valentine’s Day Banner

Look at this garland! It works well for any home style. Let’s start making this Valentine’s Day banner soon! Collect the tools and supplies; one deck of playing cards, hole-punch, ribbon, scissors, and clear tape. Start by cutting some cards into the heart shape. Check out more here.

DIY Playing Card Ornaments

Wonderful! This craft will add a sense of drama to your decor. Try this soon! You will need a deck of cards, wire, beads, wire clippers, pliers, piercing cards, and string. Start by cutting several playing cards into some pieces of the same size. See the details here.


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