Bookish, where have you been? Well, how many books are on your bookshelves or any nook of your room? You can donate or resell them, but there are more books again. If you have read all of them many times and don’t have the idea to donate or resell them, it is time to repurpose them for new things. Books are versatile for home improvement. If you treat your book very well, they can be repurposed for other useful things. Let us check out our list below!

Wall Shelf from Old Books

Wall shelf from old books


Look at the picture of a wall shelf that made some old books. Well. You need wood to support the books and make them stable. Choose the books with hardcovers. So, it can be used for storing your home items such as the clock, vase, or others.

Knives Holders From Old Books

You will need thicker books to hold the knives. This DIY is cool, isn’t it? It is not only to hold the knives you have but also to improve your kitchen decor. It gives rustic touches to the modern feel. Feel free to use as many books as needed to store your knives. Put this in a spot that is easy to reach.

Old Book Planter

Spruce up your table decor by adding a gorgeous old book planter like this. Making this planter is not hard at all. You only have to cut the cover and some pages in a rectangular shape. Then fill the hole with soil. Plant succulents, cacti, or herbs. You will get a fresh indoor garden on your table. Just make old book planters as many as you need.

DIY Clock from Old Books

Improve your room decor by adding a DIY clock from old books. Even, a beginner can make this project in minutes. Find out an old book with a hardcover. Then, buy clock machinery and attach it to the book. And, you will get a new clock with a classic look for your room. Cool, huh?

DIY Fabulous Stacked-Books Table Lamp

Why we should throw books if we can make a gorgeous stacked-book table lamp like this? Think over more of the advantages of old books on your bookshelves again from now on. Those are versatile and durable to make some new things. Don’t throw them away. This table lamp is awesome, isn’t it? You can make the same table lamp soon.

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