Who here is that has hobby of collecting books? Yup, for you that have hobby of reading and have many books, you must have a bookcase of course. But how if you do not have a large room to put a bookcase? Calm down, you can follow 10 bookshelf designs below.

  1. Wooden Shelving Paste


Bookshelves with a stick on the wall is so the most appropriate way to save space. Especially if the wood material, guaranteed strong!

  1. Wall Bookshelf


Have no place for a closet that can hold hundreds of your books? Try to make a shelf attached to the upper wall of your room. Minimalist and immaculate!

  1. Bookshelf under the Stairs


Make narrow space by making a shelf under the stairs. His large capacity could be a fitting home for your stacked book.

  1. Bookshelf with Chairs


Want a shelf as well as a chair to sit back while reading? Looks like you must have this one seat. Practical, do not make your room narrow and can accommodate many people!

  1. Book Kitchen Island


Confused want to store many recipe books? Siasati by making a shelf in the kitchen island in your kitchen.

  1. Bookshelf from Iron Pipe


With creativity and affordable materials, you can create bookshelves from these iron pipes. In addition to easy and cheap, your room was so impressed very unique.

  1. Bookshelf of Home Wall Appliances



If you have an empty wall space in front of the stairs, you can make the spot as a shelf. The important thing is make sure the distance is right for you to take his book

  1. Bookshelf of Unused Stairs


Have unused stairs? Do not be thrown away, because you can also create your own bookcase with a ladder like this.

  1. Bookshelf on Small Stairs


Make an empty wall next to the stairs as a mini library. The stairs can also be a place to sit when you read the books beside it.

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