Flowers are so beautiful when someone able to install them into room decoration. Natural touches will never out of date and work well for any season. Pressing flowers will make them more durable. So you can see the flowers longer. If you love flowers, why don’t use them to decorate your room? Here we have pressing flower artwork ideas that will improve your decor. Let us check them out further below!

Press Flowers For Vase

Press flowers for vase

These crafts work well to decorate a dinner table. Pressing flowers in a glass vase will add beauty to your room decoration. Further, you can use the glass as a candle holder. Put the vases on your side table will be nice too.

For A Romantic Candle

For a romantic candle

Do you love romantic room decoration? This candle with pressed flowers might become what you need. Feel free to choose the flowers but better to find the one that has a good smell. So, the candle will not only beautiful but also full of fragrance.

Pressed Flowers Bookmark

Pressed flowers bookmark


A book lover should have a bookmark to know which pages that she will read tomorrow. Create a bookmark that shows your character is a nice idea. Press some flowers and give a touch of ribbon to become a beautiful bookmark.

Cute Serving

Cute serving

Find out some flowers and take the petals. Feel free to add some leaves as well to complete the look. We love how the creator of this tray decorate the tray with flowers and leaves combination. The tray appears so much interesting.

Beautiful Coasters with Flowers

Beautiful coasters with flowers

Coasters will help you to treat your guest politely. Having more coasters with pressed flowers will show how creative you are. Moreover, this project is easy to do even for kids. So, what are you waiting for? Find out flowers and make your coasters.

Pressed Flowers On The Frame

Pressed flowers on the frame


The framed flowers also work well as wall arts. See the picture of a kid with some pressing flowers in the frames that look so beautiful. He makes them with his hand. You will able to do this project, won’t you?

Pressed Flowers Luminaries

Pressed flowers luminaries

Pressed flowers luminaries look so great for window shades. Even, you will be so happy to use this as a lampshade too. It will give such shooting twilight effects into your room. Crete this project and see how beautiful your room will be.

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