Do you love to decorate a garden? There are many ways to upgrade a garden look. You can add more plants, install more furniture items, or create art projects. In this article, we are going to show you fabulous art project ideas that will give a huge impact on your garden design. Moreover, it will easy to copy.  You might need woods, paint, nails, hammer, or other DIY tools to create Artistic DIY projects as follow. Check out!

Funny Quote Burned Into A Wood Slice

Funny quote burned into a wood slice

You will need a wood slice, pencils, and paper. Write down your quote into the papers. Then trace it on the top of the wood slice. Then, you will see the quote on the wood, remove the sheets. Use a wood-burning tool to trace it again.

Create A Mobile Garden Bed

Create a mobile garden bed

Can you imagine a garden that can be moved anywhere? Yes, you can have it in your garden. Prepare some old window shutters. Make them into a raised garden bed. Add some wheels in the four corners. Move it in the more sunlight area to keep the plants grow well.

Hanging Display For Flowers

Hanging display for flowers

What do you think of this picture? It is a pretty good idea to reuse hats into planters. Take some hat styles and create a hole in a certain part. Take plastic bags and fill them with soils. Hang the plastic bags and cover each of them with hats.

Modern Heirloom Barn Quilt

Modern heirloom barn quilt

What cool exterior design it this! See how the color-clad barn quilt looks in contrast among the dark hues around. This vibrant geometric painting seems shining in the dark. This is a head-turning curb appeal that anyone wishes to have.

Wine Bottle Chandelier DIY

Wine bottle chandelier diy

In this picture, we are given a cool wine bottle chandelier for the outdoor area. If you have a patio or deck in your garden, this chandelier will spruce up its look. See how the bottles shine in the dark. Further, those bottles reflect the light to the surroundings too.

Aromatic Garden Cuttings

Aromatic garden cuttings

See how vintage tins create a big impact on your garden decor. Plant different varieties of ornamental grasses in each tin to give an artistic value. The more variations the better. SO, they will work as great harmony.

Amazing Outdoor Gallery

Amazing outdoor galery

Wow! It so an amazing outdoor gallery that will spruce up your garden. However, you will need more days to build this artistic corner. Look at the green wall and all mirrors that seem like a piece of heaven.


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