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Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old High Heels into Other Useful Items

How many pairs of old high heels are on your shoe rack? It might be ten or more. All women love to wear high heels to make them appear more beautiful and sexier. However, what will you do after all of them are old fashion? Thus, you will not use them anymore. Throwing them away will create more rubbish on our lovely earth. It will be better for us to repurpose them into other items. Check out our list below and see how to repurpose old high heels in various ways.

Bootie Make-Up Brush Holder

Bootie make-up brush holder


Look at this stylish makeup brush holder that any woman will adore it. You can create the same thing with your old high heels. Feel free to customize it by adding some glitters or stars or anything you want. Holding makeup brushes will not be a problem anymore, right? Creating this simple DIY is not hard at all. You can do it in minutes.

DIY Wine Bottle Holder

Instead of buying a wine bottle holder in a store, it will be much better to make it by hand. You can make it from an old high heel or anything. It will make your wine bottle look more expensive on a high heel. Furthermore, it is so decorative. So, you can spruce up your room decoration with this simple DIY.

DIY Cacti Shoe Pot

What a gorgeous planter! It looks so glamorous to have it like this. An old glass shoe that Cinderella loses is here. Yes, we use it as a planter to plant a beautiful cactus. Tell her that she can buy the new one. 

DIY Glamorous High Heel Bookends

Improve your bookshelf with old high heels. Use them as the book ends. Anyone who sees it will never forget this fabulous home decor. The red color looks so mind-blowing. You can change your high heels in different colors and styles. You are free to repurpose a pair of high heels as bookends. It is a brilliant idea to show our beauty and brain.

DIY High Heel Ring Rack

Using a high heel to make a ring rack is not tricky. You can follow the instruction here to see how to make it. Look at the rings that shine on a pretty high heel on your desk. This perfect storage will ease you to find your favorite one in a second.



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