What do you want to do this week? Look around your home! There must be anything to improve. You shouldn’t have to buy a new item to upgrade your home decoration. Adding a little bit of touch will make your home fresher. In this article, we have collected simple projects you can do to improve your home decoration. Those ways will give any room of the house a fresh new look on a budget. Check them out further below and get inspired more!

Paint A Stripe of White

Paint a stripe of white


All you would need is some white paint on the wall. Look at the picture! It shows a white stripe that divides the wall. The owner applies another shade of blue on one of the sides. Then, it creates visual interest and emphasizes the height of the ceiling. 

Create A Fabric Headboard

What about making your bedroom look new again? You don’t have to buy a new bed here. Just upgrade its headboard by covering it with blue fabric. Easy, right? Feel free to customize the color you like. If you want to make a DIY headboard, you will need an MDF board, foam, wadding, and fabric. Check out more here to know the measurements.

Create a Practical Feature

If you use a pinboard to fill a space on your wall, you should make it different. Break it up by adding an impactful print with nods to improve its color scheme. Then, it keeps the notes, memos, bills, postcards, or tickets in one place.

Add Lovely Textured Wallpaper

It is a super cheap and easy way to improve your item. Adding textured wallpaper to a dresser is not tricky. You will need a mod podge or glue to adhere the wallpaper to the dresser. Do it carefully to get a tidy and clean surface. DIYers can finish this project in minutes.

Hang Ombre Shelves

Hanging ombre shelves will improve your decor. Display your fragile items there. However, hanging shelves might not be easy. You can ask a professional or check out here to see how to make floating shelves.

Paint Inside Shelving Nooks

Revamp your old bookcases into new items by painting the inside nooks. It will need several hours, but you will love the result. Choose the paint colors that will fit your decor theme, or you can use neutral ones like white, black, brown, or earthy colors. 


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