To add a fun way during this holiday, you can use your creativity to make some fun things too. Some Christmas crafts and decorations will make your holiday more memorable for sure. Among the many things you can make, one thing that can liven up your Christmas decorations is an advent calendar. This calendar helps countdown the days until Christmas. Beside that, creating an advent calendar can be a fun way to add to the Christmas decorations in your home. And to add more fun, you can make your own advent calendar with some DIY ideas. You can personalize your style and customize the material you need. In fact, you can make an advent calendar using items you may already have in your home. It sounds interesting, right?

For a simple DIY Christmas advent calendar, you can make a DIY advent calendar tree. A calendar that looks like a tree will make it look more attractive. You can make it from wood boards or wood pallets. Some papers can be the cheaper materials to make an advent calendar. If you have a chalkboard, you can use it as a Christmas advent calendar. For another way, some drawstring bags are a good item to make your Christmas advent calendar. Some Christmas socks, envelopes, boxes, gift cards, or other things can be used for creating the advent calendar. Using burlap for your advent calendar makes it look beautiful and is easy to make. If you want to give your family an advent calendar that is more durable and can be used year after year, consider making one out of cardboard. Here are some ideas for you.

House Advent Calender  from brendid

Star Garland Advent Calendar  from countryliving Felt Truck Advent Calendar  from countryliving Mini Boxes Advent Calendar  from countryliving DIY Fabric Advent Calendar  from countryliving Colorful Paper Bag Advent Calendar  from countryliving

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar  from countryliving Hanging Gift Card Advent Calendar  from countryliving Paper Christmas Village Advent Calendar  from countryliving Wood Pallet Advent Calendar  from countrylivingBox and Chalkboard Advent Calendar from countryliving Tin Can Advent Calendar  from countryliving Customized Christmas Tree Advent Calendar  from countryliving Galvanized Bucket Advent Calendar  from countryliving Yesteryear Trinkets Advent Calander  from countryliving Envelope Advent Calendar  from countryliving Chalkboard Style Calender  from countryliving Pegboard Adventure Calendar  from countrylivingHanging Drawstring Bag Calendar  from countrylivingDIY Scratch-off Advent Calender  from countryliving DIY Balsa Wood Advent Calendar  from countryliving

Wall Mounted Tree and Drawstring Bag  from countryliving

Pocket Advent Calender from countryliving Upcycled Advent Calendar Tree  from countrylivingGift Box Advent Calendar from countryliving Gumball Machine Advent Calendar  from countryliving

Reclaimed Wood and Ball from countryliving

Envelope Advent Calender from bhg White Drawstring Bag from bhgChalkboard Advent Calendar from bhg Farmhouse Advent Calendar from bhg Handmade Paper Advent Calender from bhg Colorful Advent Calender from bhg DIY Gift Card Calender from bhg Christmas Wreath Advent Calender from bhg Gingerbread Cooking Advent Calender from bhg DIY Wooden Cabinet Advent Calender from bhg

Advent Tree Calender from bhg

Matchbox Advent Calendar from thepioneerwoman Tree and Ornaments Advent Calendar  from thepioneerwoman Tree and Ornaments Advent Calendar  from thepioneerwoman DIY Felt Nativity Advent Calendar  from thepioneerwoman Mini Box Advent Calendar from thepioneerwoman Mini Houses Advent Calendar  from thepioneerwoman Christmas Lights Advent Calendar  from thepioneerwoman Mini Stockings Advent Calendar from thepioneerwoman Shadowbox Advent Calendar from thepioneerwoman Paper Advent Calendar  from thepioneerwoman Modern Tree Advent Calendar from thepioneerwoman

House Wood Advent Calender  from thepioneerwoman

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