Advent calendars are an age-old Christmas tradition that is so funny for all ages. Annually, people create a design or two to put a fresh and fun spin on this classic concept. Besides, the anticipation of Christmas is half the fun of the holiday. At that time we prepare everything seriously. Thus, the presence of the advent calendar is crucial for this year’s Christmas. Therefore, here we have collected ideas of DIY Spellbinding Advent Calendars That Will Get You So Excited For Christmas

Wrap Calendars

This wrap calendar as a DIY advent calendar will make a huge statement where kids will love. The supplies for this project are large canvas, paper mache boxes, mod podge gloss, folk art acrylic paint, Christmas themed scrapbook paper, cardstock, die cutting machine, prima poinsettias, wood, buttons, paintbrushes, craft glue, hot glue gun, craft knife and mat, ruler, pencil, and mini sticky notes.

Advent Calendar Village

Advent calendar village DIY Spellbinding Advent Calendars That Will Ge You So Excited For Christmas

This calendar village idea is perfectly showing a homey decoration. The tools for this project are scissors, X-acto blade or cutting machine, glue stick. Besides, the materials are curious skin by paper papers in emerald and red, pop tone by paper papers in pink lemonade, spearmint, and whip cream, shimmer by paper papers in pure gold, and bakers twine.

Ladder Calendar

You can actually hang up a DIY advent calendar on a ladder or tree instead of opening a flimsy cardboard box. This project needs a ladder, tree Christmas miniature, muslin craft bags, paint, pencil, and ribbon.

Bag Lady Calendar

This one will be one of the prettiest ideas for an advent calendar. It shows you a good cool coordination and grid layout. The supplies you need are paper mart paper bags in red, light pink, pink, hot pink strip. Then, Paper mart ribbon in light green and green. Do not forget also to prepare washi tape, wood board, candy, toys, and other Christmas items to put inside each bag.


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