Remodeling your home’s garage is a wonderful way to add more living space, more storage space, or something else. You can hire a crew of professionals to complete the garage remodel, but you can complete a DIY garage remodel as well! There are many fun different DIY projects that you can easily complete to improve your garage space. 

In the guide below, you’ll find a mix of different DIY garage remodel ideas to try yourself. Continue reading to find out more. 

1. Secure a Pallet for Organization

If you have a few wooden pallets lying around, then consider using them as organization tools in your garage. If you don’t have some at home already, you can find pallets for free or cheap by doing a simple online search. Once you have a pallet or two, make sure you have long enough screws to go through the entire pallet and into the wall/stud. 

Then, you can slide your tools into the slots of the pallet for easy storage. 

2. Coat Flooring for Durability

Garage flooring can be ruined by gas, grease, oil, and salt. The end result is unattractive as well. To prevent this from happening, you can coat the flooring with a Garage Force coating. This type of coating will protect your garage’s concrete floors. 

You also have a few different coat systems as well to ensure you create the look you desire. 

3. Cabinets With Built-in Work Space

Cabinets with built-in workspaces will improve your storage space and will give you an area to work in as well. Try to find tall cabinets that use height to their advantage. This will save floor space in your garage. 

You can also include a workbench or stool that tucks under the workspace area. All small tools can be hung on the wall over the workspace table. 

4. Hang Storage Racks on the Ceiling

Hanging storage racks on the ceiling frees up a lot of space from your garage’s floor. It helps open the space up by using the ceiling to store large items. You can install racks to slide bins into.

You can also install racks to hold bikes and other items. Some electrical racks can bring your items down for you on a track!

5. Place a Mudroom at the Home’s Entrance

If you don’t already have a mudroom in the house, you can incorporate one into your garage right beside the door to enter your home. Creating the mudroom doesn’t have to be difficult. You can simply place a bin for umbrellas, a shoe rack for muddy shoes, and a bin on the wall for random items. 

This will help keep all that yucky mud and dirt out of the house and in the garage where it can be easily cleaned up!

You Can Complete a DIY Garage Remodel Today

Are you ready to transform your garage into a space you love! You can complete a DIY garage remodel today by following some of the tips listed here in this guide. Once you free up space and coat your floors, you can turn your garage into any space you can imagine.

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