Creating special decorations on the dining table is great to welcome your guests. We know that tables are one of the places people gather together to share time, laughter, stories, and unforgettable moments. Therefore, keep your reading on DIY Special Type of Christmas Table Decoration To Welcome Your Guests.

Snowman Table Settings

If you are searching for an easier Christmas table decorating idea, this would be one of your style to go. It has white plates, mini carrots, black olives, black and red napkins, white placemats, silverware, and viola. This idea is not only offering you great ideas but your kids will feel so funny even in a dining table moment this Christmas.

Silverware Stockings

Silverware stockings DIY Special Type of Christmas Table Decoration To Welcome Your Guests

This silverware stocking is a fairly simple project that will be accomplished throughout the course of an afternoon. If the classic Christmas tradition says stick with white and red stockings, it is actually can be very fun to spice it up and add special texture to your dining table. Have a funny creation by putting stockings that match your personality around the table and let it sparkling all day.

Fold Napkin Christmas Tree

Do you know that folding a few green napkins can create a fun Christmas tree on your plate? The supplies needed for this are napkins, paper stars, and cinnamon sticks. Just follow the instruction on the picture then you will get a gorgeous result.

Birch Box Centerpiece

This idea is coming from recycled birch wood. It gives a simple and classic to your dining room table. Start to prepare wooden boxes, a gentle and warm glow, add reds and greens Christmas ornaments. Your dining room will look sweet to serve your menu every day.

Starry Branches

This is a smart combination of sting lights, stick woods, and an elegant glass jar. It looks more beautiful by adding some pine cones or natural greens to the transparent glass jar that gives you an earthy natural beauty effect at Christmas.

Jingle All Day

This idea is showing you everything fresh with greeneries, big green balls, and red Christmas balls. With this decoration by hanging the décor above and a table full of décor sitting beneath you, it is perfectly offering you a holiday season atmosphere.

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