Pillows are one of the easiest things a newbie can make in minutes. You make pillows in the evening because they are easy to make. Making DIY pillows will spend a lot of money. Of course, depending on the materials. If you use old fabric that is already on hand, it will be free. We have collected DIY no-sew pillow ideas you can create soon this weekend. Check out our ideas below and get inspired.

DIY Pillow Case with Ribbon

Diy pillow case with ribbon

Creating this pillowcase with ribbon isn’t hard at all. Take a fabric basket and embellish it with a ribbon. Feel free to customize the size, color, and pattern you like. Use your favorite ribbon and attach it to your pillowcase. Then, you will get a new pillow with a ribbon. Follow the instruction from here.

Pretty Pillow with Burlap Flower

Pretty pillow with burlap flower

Adding a flower to a pillowcase is easy. Just cut the burlap in several equal petals. Then, attach them using glue one by one. You will have a pretty flower that blooms. This pillow looks great to spruce up your seating space decor. The living room, bedroom, or just a couch near the window will look cozier with this pillow. Get more inspiration here.

DIY Pom-Pom Pillow Case

Diy pom-pom pillow case

Do you love pom-poms? They are easy to make from yarn. Adding pom-poms will make your things get cuter. Attach pom-poms to the pillow case using glue. Then, you will get a new pillow case look. This pillow case design is interesting for both children and adults. You can put it in your room or your kid’s. Follow the instruction from here

DIY Pillow Case with Pattern

Diy pillow case with pattern

What do you think of the pattern in this pillowcase? It looks so beautiful. You can make the same pattern as well. Cut an old curtain panel. Then, use a hot glue gun to attach those patterns to the pillowcase. This craft is super easy. You can do it in minutes. Then, without spending a penny. Get the instruction from here.

DIY Rabbit Pillow Case

Diy rabbit pillow case

Rabbits are cute. Creating a DIY rabbit pillowcase will be great for Easter decor. You can make as many as possible. Use an iron to stamp the rabbit pattern to the pillowcase. Just follow the instructions from here. Well. You are free to choose other rabbit patterns you love. Moreover, this pillowcase is beautiful as a gift for your friend too. 



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