Pillow usually placed in sofa and bed. It has aesthetic value as well to make your room more interesting. Some pillow sell in store maybe make you bored. So, why don’t you make it in a new form? You don’t need to have much budget. Here are some DIY pillows that can you try;

No-Sew Burlap Flower Pillow



What will you do this weekend? It will be better for you to make DIY beautiful pillow like this. You don’t need any ability in sewing. It uses hot glue to adhere the petals. You only need to cut a circle and divide it into a half.

Anthropology Tassel Pillow Knockoff

Anthropology tassel-pillow-knockoff


This is a simple design to make your pillow in a new form. You have to prepare your time to make this pillow. It needs patient to create this wonderful pillow with tassels. At the end you can see the result as beautiful as this.

DIY Macaroni Pillows


What a cute pillow is this. This macaroni pillow is good to be placed at your little girl bedroom. It looks soft, adorable, and comfy. Put this on your sofa will be a nice thing as well.

DIY Billy Ball Pillow



To make this beautiful pillow, you have to prepare basic embroidery and yarn pom-poms. You have to make the stems as well by learning split stitch. This pillow is super easy to do which only need basic sewing skill with your hand.

Lovely Ruffle Pillow

Lovely ruffle pilow


Do you want to make this aesthetic pillow? You need to prepare pillow case fabric, scissors, needle and thread and of course a sewing machine. This pillow is good to be placed in a living room on your sofa.

Scalloped Pillow



This pillow no needs any sewing machine at all. Cut the fabric into some circles and make them into a half. By using hot glue, adhere the half circle that has made before on the pillow. No need more time you will have this beautiful pillow for your living room.

DIY Quotes Pillow


This is super easy to make, even by a newbie. You only need to prepare letter stencil and pencil to make any quote we want. You can make letter as you like in a simple step with wonderful result like this. Put this pillow at your bedroom.

Crafty Throw Pillow Made From Fabric Scraps

Crafty throw pillow made from fabric scraps


This incredible crafty throw pillow is made by fabric scraps. You need to have hot glue to adhere the circle made from fabric remnants. Create it as like as your desire.

DIY Plant Printed Pillow

Diy plant printed pillow


This is amazing pillow craft ever! This printed pillow has beautiful form and way to make. You only need paint and a leaf which can be got from anywhere at your house. Stamp it on the pillow.

Gold Arrow Pillow

Gold arrow pillow


When you want to make this gold arrow pillow, you need to have designing ability. Make the new pillow by printing the gold arrow. Use iron to adhere it on the pillow.







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