Without spending fortune, you can improve your kitchen design easily. Updating kitchen look is a must to avoid boring. This is a place where you will spend long time. So, you need fresh look periodically or anytime you want. Follow these simple ways to upgrade your kitchen design with eco-friendly;

Decorate a living room for every season needs neutral touch, but with gorgeous mantel décor. Due to it will be used for all year long. So, the accents, complements, and everything between should cohesive for all style. Check out these inspiration below:

Having living wall is not a new thing at this modern era. Moreover, this garden design already done by our ancient for long time ago. However, this garden idea still being used in every age of live. It changes the view and gives impression towards our house. Here are some living wall inspirations for you;

Pillow usually placed in sofa and bed. It has aesthetic value as well to make your room more interesting. Some pillow sell in store maybe make you bored. So, why don’t you make it in a new form? You don’t need to have much budget. Here are some DIY pillows that can you try;

Decorating wall doesn’t have to use expensive ornament. You can try to use China plates to fill the space on your wall. It doesn’t require hard work but you need to have creativity to get aesthetic wall decoration. No need to worry for your house style. It works well for contemporary or traditional home decoration and everything in between. Here are some China plate’s wall decorations to try;