Sometimes, you get hurt by accidents. It can be because you cut your finger with a knife. In another case, you fall down and make your knee bleed. We need first aid supplies at home. Moreover, you can plant some first aid supplies at home. Have you known medicinal plants? Read this article further! We have collected first aid supplies that you can grow at home. They can grow well even in a tiny garden. Check them out further below and get inspired!

Bay Leaf Plants

Bay leaf plants


Bay leaves are great for culinary purposes. You might already use it for cooking some meals you love. Oh, they will give a good smell when you cook rice too. Now, you should plant them for a different purpose. Bay leaves will help you to cure headaches. Make a cup of bay leaves as herbal remedies for migraines. 

Eucalyptus Free Plant for Health

Eucalyptus leaves are known as the herb for curing sinuses. Those leaves make you feel better when getting influenza or a cold. Two drops of eucalyptus oil are enough to make your nose better. You can find eucalyptus in a term of oil at a store. However, planting it in your garden will prevent you from mosquitos as well. Why don’t you plant this first aid supply in your garden now?

Echinacea for Colds

Make a cup of tea from the Echinacea petals. It will prevent you from getting cold. It can shorten the duration of being cold. Furthermore, people use it as a general immune booster. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gardening tools and start planting this plant. Don’t worry! It only needs low maintenance. We love the colors that look so pretty in the garden.

Hypericum Perforatum

Hypericum perforatum plants are also known as St. John’s wort. Planting this flower will give many benefits to the homeowner. St. John’s wort petals can treat minor depression. It helps fight inflammation and relieve symptoms of eczema. You can use it to prevent skin problems. Amazing!

Yarrow Flower For Bleeding

Are you bleeding? Yarrow flowers will stop your minor bleeding. It helps you to treat cuts and scrapes. You only need to crush the leaves and apply them as a poultice. Then, you will get the bleeding stopped. We love the colors. Yarrow flowers show vintage feelings in purple, white, and other colors. These flowers are perennial plants from a daisy family.


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