It’s time to get more creative during this fall. Use your creativity by making DIY fall crafts. This is a solution for those of you who want to decorate your home during the fall but without spending a lot of money. In order to make DIY fall crafts, there are many materials that you can use. But for affordable and inexpensive materials, you can use paper. DIY fall paper crafts is great to add fall flair in your home. You can make different fall crafts with paper. This fall-themed paper craft is great for the entire room.

There are many DIY fall paper craft ideas you can make. Make your wreath and pumpkin garland. Make a paper pumpkin garland for fall by cutting out pumpkin shapes with a template. Once the pumpkins are cut out, adhere them to a string to create a pumpkin garland. Once the garland is completed, it can be displayed on a fall porch or hung from a window. Or, you can make a paper flower, paper leaf arrangement, and scarecrow. You can also use paper materials to create a beautiful fall tree. Moreover, you can make paper crafts with animal or fruit shapes that synonimous to the fall seasons. Here are some ideas for you.

Folded Paper Leaves  from diys

Fall Coloured Paper Flowers from diys

Paper Embroidery Wreath from diys

Blooming Paper Flower from diys

DIY Paper Leaf Wreath from diys

Rolled Paper Pumpkin from diys

Paper Pumpkin Garland from diys

Paper Pumpkin Straw Toppers from diys

Paper Leaf Branch Bouquet from diys

Accordion Folded Paper Pumpkins from diys

3D Rounded Paper Pumpkin from diys

Paper Leaf Garland from diys

Leaf and Pinecone Paper from artsycraftsymom  Fall Tree Paper from artsycraftsymom  DIY Paper Scarecrows from artsycraftsymom 

Paper Scarecrows from artsycraftsymom

Turkey Paper Plate Wreath from countryliving Leaf Silhouette Art from countryliving Stamped Owl Craft from countryliving Paper Glow Stick Broomsticks from countryliving Paper Pumpkins from countryliving Paper Strip Turkey  from countryliving Watercolor Fall Leaf Wreath from countryliving Paper Sticky Wall Fall Tree  from countryliving Paper Plate Hedgehog Craft  from countryliving Color Paper Pumpkin from countryliving DIY Hanging Pumpkin from countryliving

Folded Paper Turky from countryliving

DIY Paper Fall Ornament from familyholiday DIY Dining Table from familyholiday DIY Pumpkin Paper Craft  from familyholiday DIY Maple Leaf Topper Cake from familyholiday DIY Fall Cutlery from familyholiday Hanging Paper Maple Leaf from familyholiday Leaf Centrepieces from familyholiday DIY Paper Flower  from familyholiday DIY Folded Paper Leaf from familyholiday Maple Leaf Tree from familyholiday DIY Paper Maple Leaf from familyholiday

Paper Pumpkin from familyholiday

Paper Leaf Cake Toppers from goodhousekeeping Recycled Pumpkin Scarecrow Paper from goodhousekeeping Green Apple  from goodhousekeeping Cupcake Liner Owl from goodhousekeeping

Book Page Fall Leaves from goodhousekeeping Paper Scarecrow from goodhousekeeping Woven Paper Apple from goodhousekeeping Paper Slate Scarecrow from goodhousekeepingMarble Paper Leaf  from goodhousekeeping Paper Strip Apple from goodhousekeeping DIY Handprint Tree from goodhousekeeping

Egg Carton Wreath from goodhousekeeping

Paper Tree from southernlivingPie Garland from southernliving

Tissue Paper Maple Leaf from southernliving

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