If you have a hard time staying organized, then this DIY calendar ideas to keep your days and months activities organized instead of buying a new calendar each year. When you can make the calendar by yourself, you will get impressed every time when you see the calendar. All the ideas are collected in Keep Your Days And Months Organized With DIY Calendars Instead Of Buy The New One.

Button Calendar

This calendar idea is perfect when you have extra buttons that you have stored away. It is so fun and totally customizable because you can choose the background with any fabric you have either with or without a pattern and any color for the fabric and buttons.

Transformation Calendar

Thrifted transformation calendar Keep Your Days And Months Organized With DIY Calendars Instead Of Buy The New One

A transformation calendar is undoubtedly cute and chic. You may start by finding out the plaques either online or at a craft store.   After that, paint the plaque with any paint you have then do not forget to print out the complete date (month, date, and year) and divide it into three parts. As a finishing, add a fun border with a gold leaf pen.

Wooden Calendar

A wooden calendar is sleek and eye-catching with its date pointer. The materials you need to create this simple wooden calendar are craft pliers, craft wire, drill, brush, transfer gel, squared timber, sandpaper, and possibly saw. Create holes up the number as a place for the date-pointer.

Hanger Calendar

This type of calendar is perfect for Christmas gifts that will impress your guest who accepts it. To make this hanger calendar, you need to print out each month on a piece of cardstock. For your information, you may choose the free blank calendar or design it by yourself. After finish print the calendar you can chop the papers, sketch on a little image, and text to go with each month. Last, clip it onto a vintage wooden pant hanger.

Learning Wall DIY Calendar

This learning calendar is great for your kids. They will have so much fun searching through the baskets and finding the correct date on the day and hang it up for you.

Modern Ombre Desk Calendar

This modern ombre desk calendar gives a chic touch to your desk. Moreover, you can customize this project with your own favorite ombre tones.

Desk Photo DIY Calendar

Desk photo diy calendar Keep Your Days And Months Organized With DIY Calendars Instead Of Buy The New One

This calendar is pretty perfect to place on your desk at work. This calendar with your favorite photo is personalized to your desk. Besides, you can also create this type of calendar as a gift to someone you share your time with. The wooden holder here also completes the calendar presentation.

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